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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Los Angeles Dodgers File Trademark Suit Against Brooklyn Burger

But they are not in Brooklyn anymore. It only says "Brooklyn" and it shows the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. What's the problem?

From the NY Daily News. {linked here}

More than 50 years after the Dodgers left Brooklyn, dem Bums are trying to break the borough's spirit yet again.

The Los Angeles team is picking on a local hamburger vendor for using an iconic "Brooklyn" design in its logo.

The latest slight by the baseball club that infamously bolted New York after the 1957 season is giving Brooklynites a brand-new reason to curse the traitors.

And none more than Alan Buxbaum, the furious owner of Brooklyn Burger.

His shop's logo features the classic cursive "Brooklyn" lettering made famous by the Dodgers, with a shot of the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.

Buxbaum was approved for a trademark in April, and all was well until the Dodgers filed an official complaint with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last week .

"There is no Brooklyn Dodgers; they don't exist anymore. They left Brooklyn," fumed the 56-year-old Buxbaum, a proud son of Midwood. "You can't keep everything forever."

A team lawyer griped that the Dodgers own the trademark and insisted Buxbaum's logo could lure his customers into thinking the product is actually made by the baseball club.

Buxbaum's lawyer called that argument ridiculous and added the Dodgers' trademark covers only apparel, not food.

"People who see [Buxbaum's logo] in Brooklyn aren't going to think the Brooklyn Dodgers are selling hamburgers," said lawyer Robert Maldonado. "It's crazy for the Los Angeles Dodgers to claim exclusive rights to the word 'Brooklyn' when they left Brooklyn 50 years ago."

Saturday, September 11, 2010

ABC & NBC reports on "Los Doyers" (It's all negative)

Doyers Mania continues... It's a week old news but the big networks are just catching it.

Make sure to view the videos. The Dodgers are not getting good PR out of this. It's all negative.

ABC News (Ch.7) had a report on "Los Doyers" last night. {linked here}

For years "Los Doyers" T-shirts have been popular among fans, and a big seller at Manny Morales' Latin Lingo clothing stores. But as of Saturday, these shirts are no longer for sale. 

"Why are they trademarking something that we've been saying for years. That's the way our parents, our grandparents have been saying the Dodgers for ages so who am I to go trademark that?" said Morales. 

On behalf of the Dodgers, Major League Baseball sent Latin Lingo a cease and desist letter, stating that the "Los Doyers" T-shirts violate the team's trademark. The letter said the shirts "dilute the distinctive quality of the Dodger marks." 

But now the team is selling official "Los Doyers" T-shirts for about $30 each. 

"Instead of saying that's very endearing to our team, their idea was 'How do we make money off of it,'" said Morales. 

ABC video report:

NBC news (Ch.4) also had a report last night. {linked here}

For years, Hispanic Dodger fans have fondly called their Boys in Blue "Los Doyers."

The phrase may go back -- way back -- to the way legendary Dodger Manny Mota pronounced his "Doyers."
To no one's surprise, local entrepreneurs jumped on Los bandwagon.

Manny Morales, owner of Latin Lingo Clothing near Dodger Stadium said, "'Los Doyers' is the way Latinos have always said, 'Dodgers.' Ask your mom or your grandma. You say, 'Dodgers,' and they repeat back, 'Doyers.'"

Salvador Fonseca, a longtime Dodger fan, said he says "Los Doyers" all the time.

"Especially with guys at work. They don't speak English. They use 'Los Doyers' all the time," Fonseca said.

Video report:

View more news videos at:

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Media loves "Los Doyers"

Pix: Getty Sports

You thought "Los Doyers" news has ended? No way. The articles keep coming.

Lisa Borodkin from "laist" wrote a great article on this and gives me a nice mention too. She actually did her homework. {linked here}

Everybody loves the "Doyers" nickname, but there are a range of reactions to the club's trademark application. Mario Flores, Managing Director of Sportivo, a sports PR agency in Los Angeles, summed up his mixed feelings. "I have 2 views of it," Flores said. "From a professional sports marketing view, it's a brilliant move by the team. They see the fans wearing the t-shirts - not only Latino fans, and not just sports fans -- it's a kitschy thing. Its nice."

But the home-grown Flores also has some ambivalence about "Los Doyers" going corporate. "Growing up in LA, that's the way it was said in my household. The t-shirts started in the streets, and snowballed from there." Part of him would like to see the t-shirts remain a staple of street vendors in Santee Alley and elsewhere, in keeping with the nickname's roots. 

In fact, the LA baseball Dodgers are not the first to apply for a trademark in "Los Doyers." From June 2009 to March 2010, a U.S.-Mexico partnership between Frank Quezada and and Jaine Delgadillo had an application pending for "Los Doyers." The application apparently expired of its own accord, leaving the mark open for the Dodgers to apply. Perhaps now that the team seems to have taken a break from trying to win the Western Division, they had some time to go through the Trademark Office records.

I did not know it had been trademark before. Good work Lisa!

Leslie Berestein Rojas (love the name!) also wrote about "Los Doyers" at "Multi-American" website. It's a site about Immigration and cultural fusion in Southern California. {linked here}

Now for a story that I absolutely freaking love: The trademarking of "Los Doyers" (as in the accented Spanish mispronunciation of “Dodgers”) by the Los Angeles Dodgers. The team trademarked “Los Doyers,” by now a nickname so common that it’s mispronounced on purpose, last month. The Dodgers organization has been selling team paraphernalia with the “Los Doyers” logo, including t-shirts and hats.

You knew this was coming...

Dodgers use cease-and-desist on Los Doyers. From L.A. Observed {linked here}

One of the websites that was selling Los Doyers t-shirts before the Dodgers trademarked the phrase has taken its merchandise off the market. Latin Lingo Clothing got a cease-and-desist letter a few weeks ago from Major League Baseball. "We have since removed it from our website but it is still readily available all over downtown L.A.," owner Manny Morales emails.

Mr. Morales is correct. They are all over downtown L.A.

I have good news! USA Today corrected their article and have changed my name from Robert to Roberto. The editor was nice enough to change it. I swear, I did not ask them to do it! I guess they noticed I was complaining. :)

See if for yourself. Meet Roberto. {linked here}

This is not the end. For some reason, the media is really interested on this. A newspaper from Washington D.C. have e-mailed me asking permission to post my small article and picture of "Los Doyers".

I was also told that Ch.4 (NBC News) will have a small report on this later tonight.

If you missed the previous posts. Check it out.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Los Doyers ! - Part 3 -

Los Doyers !

Part 1 {linked here}

Part 2 {linked here}

After writing those posts, the Dodgers announced on Twitter that yes, they are selling "Los Doyers" shirts at Dodger Stadium.

From Twitter: DodgerTownUsa {linked here}

Now available at team stores #LosDoyers

Tom Hoffarth of the Daily News has more on "Los Doyers" {linked here}

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Los Doyers ! - Part 2 -

Los Doyers

Click here if you didn't read Part 1.

I have some very smart readers. Bob and Joseph gave me some more information on "Los Doyers".

Message from Bob:

The Dodgers were given a trademark for "Los Doyers" on August 18 according to the USPTO website.

Message from Joseph:

Roberto, I just searched the Trademark database and it turns out the Dodgers have TWO trademarks on the "Los Doyers" name. One of them deals with identifying the team in the media as "Los Doyers", the other is a trademark on all the apparel (ie. t-shirts, caps, even baby clothes) that can appear with the Los Doyers tag.

So, long story short, yes, they've trademarked "Los Doyers" 

Well why didn't I think of doing a search on their database? Thanks Bob and Joseph. I just made a visit to USPTO and yes, they own "Los Doyers" since August 18, 2010. That was two weeks ago!

And right away, they have started to sell shirts of "Los Doyers". What did I say yesterday? It had to be something new because I had never seen "Los Doyers" shirts at Dodger Stadium before.

Sorry Tyrone!

From USPTO. {linked here}

Goods and Services IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Entertainment services, namely, organizing and conducting an array of athletic events rendered live or recorded for distribution through broadcast media; Educational services in the nature of baseball camps, seminars and clinics; Organizing and conducting fantasy sports contests, sweepstakes, and on-line competitions; Production and provision of on-going television, internet and radio programs in the field of sports; Providing news, information, pod casts, web casts, online newsletters, and online journals, namely blogs, all of the foregoing in the field of sports; Organizing community sporting and cultural events; Fan clubs; Festivals featuring a variety of sports and entertainment activities
Standard Characters Claimed
Serial Number 85109981
Filing Date August 18, 2010
Current Filing Basis 1B
Original Filing Basis 1B
Owner (APPLICANT) Los Angeles Dodgers LLC LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY DELAWARE Dodger Stadium 1000 Elysian Park Avenue Los Angeles CALIFORNIA 90012
Attorney of Record Mary L. Kevlin, Esq.
Prior Registrations 1549550;1551342;2594167;AND OTHERS
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE


Goods and Services IC 025. US 022 039. G & S: Clothing, namely, headwear, shirts, sweaters, vests, bottoms, dresses, skirts, athletic uniforms, jerseys, underwear (or undergarments), sleepwear, robes, swimwear, jackets, ponchos, wraps, infant wear, cloth bibs, ties, belts, footwear, socks, hosiery, scarves, gloves, mittens, wristbands, Halloween or masquerade costumes
Standard Characters Claimed
Serial Number 85109978
Filing Date August 18, 2010
Current Filing Basis 1B
Original Filing Basis 1B
Owner (APPLICANT) Los Angeles Dodgers LLC LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY DELAWARE Dodger Stadium 1000 Elysian Park Avenue Los Angeles CALIFORNIA 90012
Attorney of Record Mary L. Kevlin, Esq.
Prior Registrations 1527788;1642765;2540021;AND OTHERS
Type of Mark TRADEMARK
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

There you have it. The Los Angeles Dodgers have trademark the words "Los Doyers".

Yesterday I asked my mom to say "Dodgers", she said "Doyers".

I asked my dad to say "Dodgers", he said "Dogers". I guess Mexicans say "Doyers" and Cubans say "Dogers".

Maybe the Europeans pronounce it "Dojers". Shoud I trademark it? :)