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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Memo To Orel

What's going on over at Sons of Steve Garvey ? Looks like they are having a intense campaign between the Sons.

I have to be on the side of Sax. Even though he thinks my name is Ronaldo, I have to support Sax because Orel has made a huge mistake !

This was a hard decision. I think Orel is a nice guy. He even sent me a message while I was Hospitalized last week.

But the bribe is not working. How can you post pictures of Dodger fans without their faces ? Are you telling your female voters that you don't care about their brains ?

Now if you had posted a picture like the one you see here, then the story is different and the bribe would of worked :)

I'm sorry Orel. Vote Sax !

By the way, that's Erika Garza, a Spanish T.V./Radio host and Dodger fan.