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Thursday, March 15, 2012

L.A. Weekly says Josh Macciello is a fraud

I met Josh Macciello at the bloggers softball game last month. (Which reminds me, I haven't posted pictures). He's a nice guy and we chatted for a few minutes.

Now, I don't know Macciello's past and current financial situation. And I really don't care. Nothing against Macciello, but why should we care? MLB never considered him a prospective buyer. So this is a mute point.

I had a feeling Macciello wouldn't have a shot at purchasing the Dodgers when Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times never mentioned his name. Shaikin seems to be on top of this story and knows what's going on.

But ESPN did care and they believed in him. Last January I wrote a post asking if ESPN was playing around? Is Macciello the real deal? {linked here}

After writing that post, I got a e-mail from a ESPN employee asking for my phone number. I thought I was in trouble or something. It was a friendly conversation and just telling me that ESPN doesn't play around and they checked on Macciello's records.

Remember, this was January, when prospective buyers were making bids. I never saw Macciello's name afterwards as a serious bidder so I knew he had no chance.

Fast forward to last night. Gene Maddaus of L.A. Weekly wrote a lengthy story (6 pages!) on Macciello.

From L.A. Weekly - {linked here}

The auction is a secret process, and the bidders making a play for the team have signed nondisclosure agreements. Though there have been plenty of leaks, no one is permitted to speak directly to the fans.

No one, except Josh Macciello.

Because, as it turns out, Macciello was never a real contender for the team. He is, instead, a fraud. Despite what he's told reporter after reporter, and despite what those journalists have dutifully repeated, he does not have billions of dollars. He does not have rights to any gold mines. He is, instead, a convicted drug dealer and a huckster who has used his talents to persuade many people — not just journalists — to place their confidence in him. In his wake he has left a string of abandoned projects and broken promises.

The Dodger play is his boldest stunt so far. And, judged strictly as a bid for attention, it was a fantastic success. Reporters and fans ate up the tale of the regular guy who wanted to buy the team. Never mind the gaping holes in that narrative: At the end of the day, it was a great story.

Read the whole story. It's fascinating.

At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter what the truth is because Macciello is not in the running to purchase the Dodgers.

Back to Shaikin....

He never mentioned Macciello during this whole process. Until last night, Shaikin tweeted the following. - {linked here}

Is that a shot against ESPN?

And of course, Macciello is not happy with all this. Check out his Twitter timeline. {linked here}

Let's just move on.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Future Dodgers Owner - Who's in? Who's out?

I have a feeling Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong will be winning this. Just not sure what group he plans to join.

Apparently Josh Macciello is out. He went on the radio yesterday with Mason & Ireland and wasn't too happy with the whole process. {linked here}

Macciello also spoke with Mike Gabriel of Mike'd Up Radio. {linked here}

Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times tells us who's still in... {linked here}

The lineup of Dodgers bidders, as of Wednesday:

Magic Johnson/Stan Kasten: Could soon be joined by richest man in L.A., Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong.

Rick Caruso/Joe Torre: Not out of the running in the Soon-Shiong sweepstakes.

Steven Cohen/Arn Tellem: Cohen about to invest $20 million in Mets, able to spend 75-100 times as much on Dodgers.

Stan Kroenke: Owner of NFL's St. Louis Rams could move L.A.'s football team back home.

Peter O'Malley: Former Dodgers owner backed by South Korean conglomerate E-Land.

Tony Ressler: Minority owner of Brewers has discussed partnership with O'Malley.

Leo Hindery/Tom Barrack: New York media executive has teamed with L.A. real estate investor and sportsman.

Stanley Gold/Disney family: That's the family of the late Roy Disney, Walt's nephew.

Jared Kushner: Publisher of New York Observer, son-in-law of D
onald Trump.

Michael Heisley: Owner of NBA's Memphis Grizzlies hired Jerry West to run his team.

Alan Casden: USC Board of Trustees includes Dodgers bidders Casden, Caruso, Gold.

May the best win!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Josh Macciello is serious about purchasing the Dodgers

Even after a week when I e-mailed Josh Macciello {linked here} asking him "Are you for real?", he still stays in touch.

He wants you to check out a YouTube video and his website. {linked here}

Ramona Shelburne of ESPN L.A. has written a great article on Macciello. Read it all, it's very entertaining. Plus she mentions this site and Macciello already had a meeting with Tommy Lasorda. {linked here}

Video -


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Joshua Macciello says it's not a publicity stunt. Wants the Dodgers!

Click here if you missed last Thursdays post on the mystery man that wants to purchase the Dodgers.

Joshua Macciello says this is not a publicity stunt and wants to purchase the Dodgers. He sent me a e-mail this morning with the following links/videos so I can share it with you. 

Video - NBC 4 with Fred Roggin -

View more videos at:

Video - CBS 2 with Louisa Hodge

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Is ESPN playing around? Who is Joshua Macciello?

Friday January 6 - 10am. Got a update.... Read at the bottom.

Did anyone hear ESPN Radio earlier today? A guy by the name of Joshua Macciello was on the Mason & Ireland show. Macciello wants to purchase the Dodgers and has big plans.

Please hear the interview by clicking here. When you're done, come back here.

I really enjoyed his enthusiasm. He seems to have passion and wants to win.

This is the problem, it sounds to good to be true. Who in the heck is Joshua Macciello? According to ESPN, he's a mining billionaire. He runs a company called "ARMITAL Entertainment". Click here for his website.


Over the years, ArmItal Entertainment has built strong ties with the biggest names among some of the world's largest developer partners. Whether it is an entertainment complex, an International airport, a hospital or a convention center, ArmItal Entertainment will deliver your turn-key development project on time, within budget and at approved levels of quality. As such, ArmItal Entertainment will utilize its complete arsenal of strong development and finance relationships, both on institutional and personal levels, to maximize quality, efficiency and the collective bottom line for all partners involved.

The website is a quick rundown of the company but doesn't say much.

I search for "Joshua Macciello" on Forbes and CNN Money and I can't find anything.  A bit odd to not find much if he's a billionaire.

I sent Joshua the following e-mail.

Hi Josh,

I heard you earlier today on ESPN Radio. Are you for real? Enjoyed the enthusiasm! Good luck sir!

By the way, I have a Dodgers blog. Check it out when you're not busy. Thank you.

Roberto Baly

He replied within ten minutes....


Thank you for tuning in today. I know most people are not going to know what to believe, if I am a real possibility or not but I will tell you direct my friend.. I AM 100% for real and as we get closer to this deal finalizing you will see myself and my team as one of the groups making the right steps to take over the Dodgers and bringing LA a championship. You can blog that on your blog in BOLD letters!!!! Feel free to email me anytime. I am a people person and if I don't get back to you right away I apologize.

Joshua Macciello
CEO, Armital Entertainment LLC
Co-chairman, Armital LLC

I thanked him for getting back to me and I wished him luck.

If this is some joke by ESPN then I have been fooled.

Read the comments of Mason & Ireland's Facebook fan page. Click here. Most readers think this is a joke by ESPN and believe there is no Joshua Macciello.

I would think ESPN wouldn't play like that but what do I know?

What do you think?


Update - Friday January 6. 10am

Joshua has sent me a follow up e-mail this morning.  - - -


Good Morning and thanks for having me on. I finally had a chance to listen to the interview late last night and with all due respect, I would like to clarify a MISNOMER, I am by no means a billionaire just yet. I am chairmen and CEO of a company Armital which controls assets that are worth billions of dollars that are at our disposal. This being my first public speaking, interview one begins to realize it goes by as fast as your wedding day and you don't realize how you are being portrayed. Myself along with my partners have billions in minerals which we control and also gives us the power to pull off the bid and possible purchase of the Dodgers. I felt after hearing the show late last night that this must clarified. 

Thanks again and I look forward to talking lots more in the future... As the Dodger owner.

Joshua Macciello
CEO, Armital Entertainment LLC
Co-chairman, Armital LLC

He also gave me his Twitter handle. Follow him at @joshmacciello

Read the comments below this post. Josh has left a few comments.

Many of you are having a hard time to believe if this is a real person. I actually find it hard to believe that the Mason & Ireland show would pull of a joke like this.

Stay tuned.....