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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Andre Ethier Silver Bat Bobblehead

If you're on Twitter, you know that the Dodgers do some really cool contests. There was one last night. They were going to give away a Andre Ethier bobblehead with a silver bat. They said to check out their Twitter status during the 3rd inning. I did. Finally, the Dodgers asked to give a nickname to Ethier. I stared at my phone and frozed for about 15 seconds. Then I retweeted the message. Too late dude. You got to be quick!

The Dodgers announced the winners via Twitter a little while after that. I noticed the name @Henderface was one of the winners.

I told my wife "Hey one of my followers won! I know this guy!" I was happy for him. It's good to know that these contests are real :)

Hender wrote to me this morning:

Yo Roberto!!!

Its Hender and like you wanted me to do and talked about on twitter I'm sending you pictures of the Andre Ethier silver slugger bobblehead that I won last night.

I also attached the gold manny bobblehead that i have out of 99 from opening day when i went home and took a pic of both of my Andre's, Double The Trouble!

so check out the pictures and I'm sure you're gonna share them with your readers.

thanks a lot hopefully these work.

Tell Your Bloggers To Follow Me On Twitter @Henderface

Thanks Alot Man, Always Supporting You & Your Great Blog


Thanks Hender. Glad you won! Sweet pictures!

Click here to see a funny picture of Hender and Matt Kemp.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fan Pix - Henderface & Matt Kemp

From Henderface:

It was a great event, met kemp talked for a few secs, got my bobblehead signed and my baseball and took some pictures.

the guys at crooks were really helpful and are really down to earth. they made great shirts.

people are just complaining cuz of the late of the event, but that's cuz of the day game.

these people don't know what they are talking about.

me and my boy Kemp.

Thanks Henderface! Who else went? Send your pictures.