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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kershaw Has Returned From Africa

The Kershaw's in Africa. {linked here}

Clayton and Ellen in Africa. They returned from their trip two weeks ago.

Someone from the crew has sent me the following pix. Thanks!

More about their trip in Africa . {Arise Africa}

Monday, January 3, 2011

Clayton Kershaw Arrives In Africa

Clayton Kershaw and his wife Ellen arrived in Africa last Saturday. The Kershaw's are part of a goodwill group that will be in Zambia. Kershaw will give pitching lessons to kids that have never played baseball before.

It's not just about Baseball, this group will educate kids and build schools.

From "Arise Africa" {linked here}

Ellen and Clayton were woken up in the middle of the night to thinking a machine gun was going off in their room to discover their air conditioner was breaking.

Funny. Stay safe Clayton.

The group is also selling shirts. All T-shirt sales go to building classrooms in Zambia. {linked here}

More info on this trip, you can read Ken Gurnick's article from a couple of weeks ago. {linked here}

Friday, December 10, 2010

A (Dodgers) Wedding Album: Clayton & Ellen -Part 2- Is that LaRoche & McDonald?

Clayton Kershaw and Ellen Melson Wedding pictures.

Another set of photos came in. I posted part 1 last Tuesday. {linked here} These are different than part 1. Most look familiar but I made sure to not post repeats. Also, you can see a video of their dancing skills. {linked here}

The person wishes to remain anonymous but thanks for the pictures!

Now I'm curious, do I see Andy LaRoche (first row to your left), James McDonald (second row to your left) and Brent Leach (second row to your right) on this picture? I might be wrong on LaRoche. I thought he was still in Venezuela playing winter ball but it sure looks like him. 

The rest. Again, these pictures are not in order. I'm just uploading them the way they came in.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ellen Melson & Clayton Kershaw Wedding Dance (Video!)

You've seen the pictures (linked here) of the wedding. But how about a video?

"Cuz baby tonight the DJ got us falling in love again"

Clayton Kershaw and Ellen Melson dancing at their Wedding last Saturday. Kershaw with the Robot moves....

Let's just say that I'm glad there is no video on YouTube of my dancing skills at my wedding...

Big thanks to the person that sent this! (You know who you are)

Also, I received more pictures. Check out part 2 tomorrow!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A (Dodgers) Wedding Album: Clayton & Ellen

UPDATE - Video of the Wedding - {linked here}

UPDATE - PART 2 of pictures - {linked here}

I haven't been online that much in the last couple of days. If you have sent me a e-mail, no worries, I will respond soon. It's just been a bit hectic over here. :) And yes, I know the Winter Meetings are under way. But what's there to report? That the Dodgers are not getting Prince Fielder? I'll have a recap tonight.

I did have to post this before I forget....

Susana sent me a tip last night of a wedding picture of Clayton Kershaw and Ellen Melson. {linked here}

Well I just got these pictures. The person wishes to remain anonymous. She did mention the wedding of Clayton Kerhaw was a Texas/Dodgers party.

Thanks anonymous!

Pictures are not in order. From what I can see, besides having an ability to throw 99 MPH, Kershaw can dance!

Congrats Clayton and Ellen!

Monday, December 6, 2010

"Welcome to Dodgertown" Sign @ Kershaw's Wedding

Clayton Kershaw bleeds blue.

"Welcome to Dodgertown" sign at the reception!? Cool. :)

From Celebrity Bride Guide - {linked here}

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw married Ellen Melson on Saturday in Texas.

The wedding took place at a church in Dallas. Melson wore a strapless two piece wedding dress with a ruffle along the sweetheart neckline. She carried a bouquet of white roses and lilies.

Following the vows, guests were greeted with a “Welcome to Dodgertown” sign at the reception. 

Kershaw hit the dance floor in blue sneakers and sang on stage with his wife before the night was over. The newlyweds departed in a vintage Chevy convertible.

And remember, Kershaw asked for Dodgers Pilsner Glassware! {linked here}

Congrats Clayton and Ellen!

Thanks to Susana for the tip. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Kershaw Wants Dodgers Pilsner Glassware (Wedding Registry)

Oh yes, Pilsner Glassware.

Clayton Kershaw and Ellen Melson are going to tie the knot. The wedding is this Saturday in big Texas.

The cute couple have registered in Pottery Barn.  {linked here}

We haven't even used our wedding gifts. I know, terrible!

I checked out their registry and I was expecting to see some expensive items. I was wrong. You can find very affordable items here. To my surprise, I noticed they requested six Dodgers Pilsner's Glassware. Price $24.99. It has been bought.

How cool is that? Very nice Clayton. 

But they still need pillows, picture frames, kitchen items and other stuff. Since I didn't get invited to the wedding, I can't help.

Congrats Clayton and Ellen!