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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Contest - Dodgers Apron

Just like I mentioned yesterday, I'm giving away a bunch of stuff. {linked here}

Today I will be giving away this Dodgers apron. For those that enjoy cooking like Rod Barajas.

This is going to be easy. The next contest will be more difficult.

The 14th e-mail wins! This is what you have to do -

Send me a picture of yourself at Dodger Stadium. Make sure to have a first and last name in your e-mail. I'm picking the 14th e-mail since today is July 14. You should know my e-mail by now. If not, look for it, it's around here.

I will announce the winner tomorrow and post the picture of the winner. I'm not going to reply to your e-mails today. I'll do that tomorrow.

Good luck!