Monday, October 26, 2015

Lunch with Vin Scully and Ross Porter

I have been informed that Vin Scully is doing better and should be ready for the 2016 season. Also, here's your chance to have lunch with Scully and former Dodger broadcaster Ross Porter. Details below -


An intimate lunch with the legendary VIN SCULLY

Bidding is now open for you and one (1) guest of your choosing to spend some quality time in a quiet setting with Vin Scully and his longtime radio and telecast partner Ross Porter. Vin Scully just concluded his 66th year announcing Dodger baseball and has stated that he will retire following the 2016 season. This may be your once in a lifetime opportunity to visit with the Hall of Fame icon of sports broadcasting.

In order to insure the intimacy of the event, winners and guests are limited to six persons. All attendees will share one table with Vin and Ross. The lunch is tentatively scheduled for February, 2016 and will be held at a private residence in Calabasas, California.

To place your bid, please contact Jenni Porter at (818) 518-6973, or email her at jenniporter(at)aol(dot)com. Bidders will be informed by email of their bid status at any given time and may increase their bid prior to the close of auction. All bids shall be in increments of $250. Each bid is for two persons. Opening minimum bid is $1000. All proceeds of this auction are for the benefit of Stillpoint Family Resources, a 501c3 non-profit organization. Payment of a winning bid is tax deductible as a charitable donation. One winning bid (for the winner and a guest) will be announced on November 2, 2015. Bidding for two remaining winners (for two winners and their guests) shall continue until the close of auction at noon, December 20, 2015. The two remaining winning bidders shall be informed following the close of auction.

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