Monday, July 27, 2015

Autographs: Tim Raines

June 18, 2015

Lancaster is far. And it's too hot. And I saw a terrible accident in the freeway while almost getting to The Hanger, home of the Lancaster JetHawks.

JetHawks are the Class-A team of the Houston Astros. Tim Raines made an appearance to sign autographs for free. Luckily I did make it on time.

I had to go to this event. One of my favorites that should be in the Hall of Fame. I've never met him before. Plus I bought a 1987 All-Star baseball. Raines was the '87 All-Star MVP.

I didn't take many pictures since I didn't stay for the game.

Here's the '87 ball. I asked Raines for the inscription and he didn't mind.


Thanks to the JetHawks and to Tim Raines for a great event. It was also nice seeing so many familiar faces in line. A few of them I hadn't seen a while since I rarely go out now.

Tim Raines

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gcrl said...

i agree with you about Lancaster, and about raines. nice auto to get!

Roberto Baly said...

Thank you sir. :)

Alex said...

All the statheads agree: that guy deserves to be in the Hall.

Roberto Baly said...

@ Alex - Yes!

Unknown said...

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