Sunday, June 28, 2015

Autographs: Paul Lo Duca & Eric Gagne

I haven't been able to blog the few events I have attended lately. I will try to catch up. Most likely I won't blog every event because there isn't much to say or it's not that interesting.

But here's one event that was fun. I should say two events since it was on two different dates. Paul Lo Duca was scheduled to sign on March 21 at Dr. Alex Corbin Liu Optometrist in City of Industry and Eric Gagne at Frank and Son with Hall of Fame Sports on April 4th at the same city.

I needed both of these guys to sign this limited edition bobblehead. It's from Forever Collectibles. Only 504 were made.


My bobblehead caught the attention from fans while waiting in line and from Lo Duca and Gagne.

Lo Duca was surprised.


Thanks Paul for signing it!

Paul Lo Duca

And Gagne was surprised too....

"Is this real"? Yes it is, I don't buy customized bobbleheads. This is authentic. From Forever Collectibles.

Gagne loved it. He also took pictures of it.

Pictures of the bobblehead.

The front -


The back -


The autographs -


From Forever Collectibles -


I was asked by fans where I bought this bobblehead and I'm 99% sure that I actually bought this at Dodger Stadium around 10 years ago. Top of the Park gift shop used to sell nice collectibles like this. Not so much now.

I'm just happy I was able to go to both events and get it signed. I've missed a few events the last two or three years.

Thanks for reading!

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Greg Zakwin said...

Dude....that's awesome!


Roberto Baly said...

Thanks Greg!