Monday, June 1, 2015

Autographs: Bobby Grich & Doug DeCinces

March 10, 2015

ESPN Zone at Downtown Disney Anaheim.

This one is from a few months back. Still need other events that I went to post.

I met Jim Abbott and Kirk McCaskill last February here and went again last March to meet Bobby Grich and Doug DeCinces.

I had this Sports Illustrated for a while now and wanted to get it signed. What a coincidence that both were here at the same time.


Grich and DeCinces signing. It's always an organized event by the Angels here at ESPN Zone.


Came out really nice.


I went with my son but didn't get anything extra because he went with his grandma next door to get more Lego's.


Thanks for reading.

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Jason O'Har said...

Hey Roberto..Just wanted to know--If you knew who was signing autographs this weekend at dodger stadium??..Thanks bro,,u rock!!!... :)

Roberto Baly said...

Just posted! :)

Unknown said...

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