Friday, November 28, 2014

Autographs: Justin Turner

Black Friday? Forget that...

I went to Dodger Stadium with my son to meet Justin Turner. He was there to sign autographs from 11am/1pm. I arrived at the park at 9am and the security guard told me to come back at 9:30. So I had to leave. We went to the park that's close by. That's when my son asked me if we were going to see the ponies. You see, anytime I'm by Dodger Stadium or in the L.A. area with my son, I take him to see the ponies at Griffith Park. He loves it. And being around this park, I think he assumed we were going to see the ponies. I felt bad.


Not a bad view.


Dodger Stadium.


Free Wi-Fi? OMG.

Sorry, didn't go to many games this year so I just discovered this.


How to entertain a hyper kid for an hour? It's not easy...


8x10 picture and 2014 Topps Traded signed. After getting the autographs we left. I went to my car and when I was about to get in I realized that I forgot to ask for a picture. It's no big deal but would have been nice.


I walked back and asked one of the workers that I recognized from previous events if I can take a picture. Thank you so much Cat and Justin. 

Justin Turner

Thanks to all that said hello! We had a nice time.

And yes, I took him to the ponies afterwards.


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deaudeau said...

you're the best dad. He'll appreciate it later in his me.Turner is a nice dude. Met him at the Dodger night at the Kings game

Roberto Baly said...

Thank you! :)