Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Garvey & Friends (Wills, Davis & Baker) @ San Manuel Casino

Baseball fans, former Dodgers great Steve Garvey hosts "Garvey & Friends" live at San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino. It's an exciting series featuring Steve and some of baseball's greatest players talking baseball and swapping stories.

Leading off:

San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino
777 San Manuel Blvd.
Highland, CA 92346

Monday, September 15, 2014

Steve Garvey, Maury Wills, Tommy Davis & Dusty Baker.

Doors open at 6:30pm

Dinner service starts at 7pm

The $40 cost includes a three-course dinner.

"Garvey & Friends" follows dinner. Get tickets at Ticketmaster.com or the San Manuel Box Office. Seating is limited. Buy your tickets early.


Signature Salad
Baby Greens, Shaved Vegetables, Herb Flowers, Nuts and Seeds, Dried Fruits, Sherry Citrus Vinaigrette

Main Entree

Chateau Top Sirloin 10 oz. OR Garlic Roasted Petaluma Chicken Breast
Heirloom Tomato Panzanella, Feta Salsa Verde


Valhrona Chocolate Bread Pudding
Candied Kumquat Creme Anglaise

Click here to purchase tickets.

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Unknown said...

Let me tell you from going to the Pete Rose/Garvey event that this is pretty poorly run and autographs are not allowed. .also tip and non alcoholic beverages are not covered by the $40 and expect to be there at least 4 hours if you want to eat and listen to the conversation

Koufax Kid said...

I heard that they charge for autographs after this and the prices were out of control. That would be something to add to the people coming to this event.

MarcoS. said...

Unless the event clearly states that there are going to be autographs, it's always best to assume that the players or whoever is there is not going to sign. Pete Rose normally doesn't sign for $40, let alone with Garvey and where the money is also going towards a fancy dinner. That should have already clued in people about the autograpgh situation.

Unless you are going to Frank and Son or OC Dugout where you pay and are guaranteed an auto, you are always taking an inherit risk to get an autograph. Also don't drag your kids to get your autos for you if your children don't want to be there. Most of the Dodgers players are aware of this, and certain Dodgers players like Matt Kemp will call you out on it.

Unknown said...
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MarcoS. said...

Somebody wrote a really good story about their kids and meeting Matt Kemp that I wanted to respond to, but the author deleted the comment for some reason.

Yeah just wanted to say it sucks that sometimes we all get lumped up as being people with selfish intentions just because a few fellow Dodgers fans are inherently not good people. On the one the hand Matty shouldn't jump to conclusions about things, but on the other hand you can't blame him for reacting the way he does because so many bad people do try to advantage of his generosity. It's a few spoiled apples ruin the bunch situation.

Case and point people use to be able to ask other fans if they wanted to sell their bobbleheads, and for the most part security didn't care too much because the people who did it were respectful. Then one day I remember walking in for Brian Wilson bobblehead, and this douchebag who had the nerve to have to his baby strapped to chest was running up in to all our faces asking all aggessively to sell our bobbleheads. Needless to say since then security has changed it's tune big time about buying bobbleheads off of people.

That's far from being the only example I've seen of a Dodgers fan acting badly and using their kids as a way to get something for themselves. Once again it's sad that we all get lumped in to the same category sometimes, but the parents using their kids thing is a problem you'll see a lot if you go to giveaways, or free autograph sessions.

And no I'm not talking about the people who are big time Dodgers fans and may not see that their children are not as big of a fan as they are. I'm talking about the people who use their kids for their ebay business. That's the people Kemp has a problem with, and trust me that Matty does check ebay to see who is selling his stuff. He remembers people.

Unknown said...

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