Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thank You Hideo Nomo

One more signature for my Dodger Stadium seat.


DSC_0056Hideo Nomo

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Unknown said...

Nice photo. It looks like in photo he coaches a Japanese Team???
I'm curious be I was wondering if you perhaps knew how I can get his autograph....
I'm a huge Nomo fan

Unknown said...

Hey Roberto.I was just curious?,Where & When was this?,And (YES) Can you tell Us How WE can get his autograph too?? :) Or in advance. I know hes a tuff 1 to get sometimes. But i feel as if i should ask The Pro-- You. :) Have a great day- Lets go BLU!!!

MarcoS. said...

Nomo and everyone from that Nomo project were at the ballpark on Friday. I'm 99% sure I rode on the same elevator as Hideo on my way up to Top Deck. Sucks I couldn't get his auto cause I was busy working the ThinkCure event, but I did get Maury Wills auto that evening on a game used bat card.

As for everyone questions about getting Nomo's autograph, unless something has changed in the last year Hideosan still coaches and lives in Japan. The only way you can get his auto (at least that I know of) is when he makes one his trips to the States for some baseball related thing. You have to catch Nomo at the ballpark, or at whatever event he is at.

One last thing that is unrelated to Nomo. There's autograph vendor on the suite level next to the escalators, and during the last homestand he was selling game used balls for $10. The balls have MLB authentification numbers, and he actually had some game used 50'th anniversary balls. I got two 50'th balls, and one of them was pitched by Kershaw! :0 Just a heads up for those visiting the next homestand.

Unknown said...

Thank you Marco S.