Saturday, August 23, 2014

Frank & Son Trip: Arruebarrena's Weird Autograph, Valenzuela Poster, Lunch Box

I went to Frank & Son this morning. Erisbel Arruebarrena was scheduled to sign autographs at 11am. {linked here} Doors opened at 9am. That's when I showed up to give me some time to walk around and see if I find anything interesting. It's been years where I go to look around. Usually I go for the autographs or to pick something up.

Found this poster of Fernando Valenzuela. It's an ad of Coca Cola from the 80's. Got this very cheap. $3. I'll have Valenzuela sign it of course.

Fernando Valenzuela Poster - Coca Cola

I really wanted to go to Cuban Heritage day at Dodger Stadium this past Sunday. They also gave away lunch boxes to kids. But I couldn't go. I just can't be in the sun all day. I could but then I'll regret it.

I searched on eBay and there are a few for around $13.99. I got this one for way less.

Front & back

2014 Dodgers Lunch Box2014 Dodgers Lunch Box

My son started school two weeks ago so he'll be using this.

Arruebarrena has a weird signature. Wait, it's not an autograph. It's hand-written.

Erisbel Arruebarrena

Um, ok, that's weird.

Thanks Erisbel. I'll get you at Dodger Stadium.

Erisbel Arruebarrena

I checked online to see how Arruebarrena's autograph looks like and here it is....

Baseball card from this year.

So weird.

Thanks to everyone that said hello! I had a good time.

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hypnotic23 said...

Weird signature never seen it like that maybe we all got a one of a kind, just thinking positive it was nice seeing u today.

Unknown said...

That is a weird signature . did he sign everything like that ??

Unknown said...

Things that make you go hmmmm...

DDGRDUG said...

Was there a big turn out?