Sunday, April 13, 2014

Autographs: Jerry Reuss

Jerry Reuss was holding a book signing (and memorabilia too) this afternoon at El Tepeyac. I've met Reuss before but I needed to get my Dodger Stadium seat signed. I didn't forget to put the seat in my car like I did with Raul Mondesi.

I do want to add that it's always a great time seeing Reuss. He's great with fans and willing to start up a conversation and have a picture with him. He's honestly one of the nicest players I have met. Never have had a problem with him or felt like he was just there to collect a check from the promoter. Reuss is the best. 

I arrived at 1pm and the signing had barely started. I didn't want to get in line since the sun was out. I sat down at one of the tables in the shade and talk with friends who were there.

Time went by so quickly that it was already 3pm. It was a great turn out. I got his new book and my Dodger Stadium seat signed.

The book cover.


Book signed.


Dodger Stadium seat.

Jerry Reuss

Thanks to Jack and Kenny for this great event and for always being so kind to me. I appreciate it guys.

And thanks to Jerry and all the fans that said hi to me and wished me the best. Thanks everyone.

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gcrl said...

reuss seems like a good guy. he has emailed me a couple of times which is just ridiculous. your seatback is looking good!

Roberto Baly said...

Thank you sir!