Monday, March 10, 2014

Bus Trip to Phoenix & San Diego

My buddies are organizing a few trips this year to see the Dodgers in Phoenix and San Diego.

Check them out! It's going to be a blast. If all is good, I'm planning on joining them.

Click here for more info! Instagram/Twitter and Facebook is @pantone294

May 17 against the Diamondbacks - $80 gives you a ticket and transportation to Phoenix. You will be seated with hundreds of other Dodger fans together! Hurry because only 50 spots are left!

June 21 against the Padres $65 - Ticket and transportation. 10 buses. 600 fans seated in 3 full sections at Petco Park.

 Don't miss it!


cw said...

Hello Roberto, are there wheelchair "seats" available for these two venues and bus rides? thank you. Craig W.

Roberto Baly said...

Hi Craig, I'll ask about the wheelchair seats. And yes, you're paying for the game ticket and a bus ride to the stadium.

cw said...

Roberto, sorry for the confusion. Will the buses accommodate wheelchairs and will the stadium areas you reserve have wheelchair locations? Thanks