Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Yasiel Puig "No one wants to see me on TV that you arrested me"

The full video provided by J.P. Hoornstra. {linked here}

Video of Yasiel Puig‘s arrest on Dec. 28 in Florida for driving 110 mph.

I'll translate the interesting parts...

Officer is mad that Yasiel's mom was inside the car and repeatedly yells "Don't you care about your mom"?

Yasiel pleads to the officer to not take him to jail and he is sorry.

"I'm sorry sir, please don't take me"

After being handcuffed, he sat inside the police car. You can hear Yasiel speaking to himself while the officer is chatting with other officers. He says "I have to learn".

Officer chats with Yasiel inside the car and the conversation goes like this....

Yasiel: I'm sorry sir, please don't take me

Officer: You don't care about your mom's life?

Officer: Don't apologize to me. Apologize to your mom, cousin and the girl inside that car. I saved their lives.

Yasiel: I drove 70 mph most of the time. You got me when I went faster, I don't know why I started driving fast.

Yasiel: No one wants to see me on TV that you arrested me

Yasiel: I'm sorry sir.

Officer: I told you many times to not apologize to me. you don't care about your mom.

Yasiel: Of course I care about my mom. I was taking her to see my son.

Yasiel: Can't you do a favor to a citizen? Please sir.

Yasiel: You let me go now, I will never drive again.

Yasiel: We are talking here, can you uncuff me? I won't do anything please.

The officer asks another officer for some bigger cuffs. Looks like it was too tight.

Officer: How old is your son?

Yasiel: 20 days

Officer: I'm not going to tow your car. I saved you some money.

Officer: Be safe. Do it for your mom and son.


Michelle said...

This is so so sad. From the conversation it's obvious he has no conscience or understanding of right and wrong. Probably his upbringing. But he is so talented! I hope someone can get thru to him emotionally to help him. :(. I didn't know he had other people in his car and his mom! Wow! Sad.

bboygraphix said...

I really wonder if he was racing that black Dodge Viper. It may have had a radar detector and slowed down as Puig sped ahead.

Unknown said...

the cop was kind of a dick if you asked me. I know he had to stop Puig, thats not the issue, but he must have said 'you dont care about your moms life' about 15 times. Give me a break. Those 100K+ cars were made to go that fast. Should he be speedking? No, but just haul him off and stop being the moral police as well. Dick.

Koufax Kid said...

He has a Son? Is this totally new news? Who's the baby mama? I really hope Puig learns so he doesn't hurt anyone.

Unknown said...

Uh? Son??? Wtf