Thursday, January 2, 2014

Contest: Vin Scully '2014 Rose Parade Grand Marshal' Pin

Happy New Years everyone!

I'm giving away one Vin Scully '2014 Rose Parade Grand Marshal' pin.

Answer this trivia question.

What is Vin's middle name?

Send me an email NOW. The 20th email that I receive with the correct answer wins! I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Don't know my email? Look for it here in my site.

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hypnotic23 said...


MarcoS. said...

I didn't go to the parade yesterday, but getting these pins prior to the parade were a real pain. They kept selling out, and the only way I got a couple was through a friend who knows somebody.

Unknown said...


000_hjs_000 said...

You can get these online on the Pasadena Rose Parade web site (thats what i did)

000_hjs_000 said...

Oh yeah, Good to see you doing better Roberto