Sunday, December 1, 2013

Autographs: Maury Wills

Maury Wills was signing autographs at Dodger Stadium today for two hours. The Top of the Park gift shop was open too.

Even though I have met Wills many times and have several autographs, I wanted to go with my son since I haven't gone out recently. Plus this autograph was for my son. He's starting his own little collection.

I went inside the gift shop with the idea of buying a Dodgers sweater/jacket for my son. There was nothing. I asked and they said they don't have sweaters for two-year-olds.  Say what? That's embarrassing. Looks like I will have to buy it on

My crazy son.

Not many fans when I arrived. But I didn't get in line since my son won't have the patience to stand still. We walked around and took pictures. A picture of the line when Wills started to sign autographs.

Wills was very nice (like always) to me and towards my son. He asked for a high five and my son gave him a hand-shake. I wish I had my camera ready for that. I asked Wills for a "1962 MVP" inscription and he made it happen.

It was a fun day. Nice seeing familiar faces and new ones. Thanks to all that said hello but please stop reminding me how skinny I look.

See you soon.


JayKen Knotstirred said...

Welcome back!
Take care of yourself, Be Strong, and Go Dodgers!

MarcoS. said...

Glad your back Roberto. Hope you are feeling better.

Hopefully you are feeling good enough to make it out to one of the Saturday signings.

Roberto Baly said...

Thanks guys. :)