Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pictures: A.J. Ellis @ El Tepeyac


It was a fun morning at El Tepeyac in City of Industry. A.J. Ellis signed autographs and was great with the fans.

It was just great getting an autograph. I haven't been out for a while. I've been really busy this Summer. Even though I have already met Ellis and have several autographs, I still wanted to go and get my son's mini-helmet signed.

If you see yourself here, email me and I can send you the picture.


And this is me with Ellis. I wanted to bring my son but the timing was bad. He usually takes a nap around 11am. Didn't want him to get all grumpy with me.


Ellis signed the Dodgers mini helmet that you see in the table. If you remember, that's the one I had in Spring Training for my son. Trying to complete it with the whole 2013 team.

I got red-faced because Ellis said "I know the blog, Vin Scully Is My Homeboy". I really did get embarrassed.

Thanks to A.J., Chris, Kenny, Jack, David and the whole staff for a great event.

Also, thanks to all the fans that said hello. Glad you went! Always make sure you tell them at the table that I sent you!


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