Thursday, July 11, 2013

Yasiel Puig loses to Freddie Freeman in Final Vote

We lost.

I'm tired.

From {linked here}

Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves and Steve Delabar of the Toronto Blue Jays were chosen by fans as the winners of the 2013 All-Star Game Final Vote Sponsored by in record-shattering online voting on, club sites and Twitter, where designated player hashtags counted during the final six hours of balloting today.

On the National League ballot, both Freeman and Puig paced a close race by each finishing with more votes than the previous record-holder, Shane Victorino (15.6 million in 2009). Freeman's total of 19.6 million is the new all-time Final Vote record as he becomes the second Braves player to win the online balloting. They were followed by Hunter Pence of the San Francisco Giants, Ian Desmond of the Washington Nationals and Puig's teammate, Adrian Gonzalez.

Congratulations to Freddie Freeman and the Atlanta Braves.

Might be difficult but maybe Puig gets in if someone gets hurt or wants out.

We'll see.

Puig was on ESPN earlier today. Video:


PJ said...

Are there that many Freeman fans, Puig haters or was it traditionalists that don't want to see a rookie with limited at bats in ASG? Maybe acombination of all. It is what it is. Thanks for voting!

chris b said...

That's bs I don't believe there are that many freeman fans, really!!!! Yasiel puig should have won that, either that or a lot of these l.a. Fans didn't vote I did my fair share and must have voted a minimum of 1000 times . I love the dodgers and will be a lifetime supporter. I guess I'm just a tad frustrated!!!! Hopefully someone will come up with an injury bug and he will get in. Go big blue lets bring that trophy back home after a 25 yr absence!!!!!

Ed Santos said...

There is a reason this was a recording breaking fan vote and it had nothing to do with Freeman and others. People were voting because they either did or didn't want Puig in the game. simple as that.

Unknown said...

Who is Freddie freeman???