Friday, July 19, 2013

Yasiel Puig faces a $12 million lawsuit

My dad saw this news last night and called me this morning about an exclusive story that Univision is reporting. A man in Cuba is suing Yasiel Puig for accusing him falsely to the Political Cuban Police. Puig is facing a $12 million lawsuit out of a Miami federal court.

Lawyer Avelino Gonzalez explains to Univision that they are suing Puig because Miguel Angel Corbacho Daudinot, his client, was accused in Cuba of human trafficking from Puig and because of that, he was sentenced to jail for 7 years.

Daudinot is a Dominican Republic resident.

This lawyer did a similar lawsuit last year against Aroldis Chapman of the Cincinnati Reds. That case is still ongoing.

Univision asked Puig and the Dodgers for a interview and they said "no comment".

My Cuban born father thinks Daudinot is most likely upset at Puig because of promises he might have gave him when he left.

Click here for the Univision story and video.


Chad Moriyama said...

Can you explain to me how this guy can sue Yasiel Puig and Aroldis Chapman if he was convicted?

Seems a bit like a murderer suing a witness that saw him murdering.

Was he exonerated later or something? I don't get how this works.

Chad Moriyama said...

Apparently this is a human rights civil case?


David Obrand said...

I worked on a case arising out of Mexico while I was clerking for a law firm in Arizona. All I can say is our ideas of justice and the judicial process do not exactly resonate down there. I can only imagine what crazy legal system is going on in Cuba.

But yes, you cannot sustain a claim for defamation if you are in fact guilty of the crime accused of. I was thinking the exact same thing as I read this Chad.

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