Saturday, July 6, 2013

VOTE NOW! Yasiel Puig is a Final Vote Candidate for the All-Star game

Clayton Kershaw was the only Dodger to be selected to participate in the All-Star game. Yasiel Puig didn't make it but he is a Final vote candidate! Let's vote for Yasiel Puig now! Unfortunately he will be against one of his teammates, Adrian Gonzalez. I like you Adrian but I'm voting for Puig and you should too!

Here are the five candidates for the last National League spot.

Yasiel Puig Dodgers
Adrian Gonzalez Dodgers
Ian Desmond Nationals
Freddie Freeman Braves
Hunter Pence Giants

Click here and vote now! Let's do it! Vote Puig!

Voting ends Thursday, July, 11 at 4PM ET 

Friend of the family (Baby Siana) is the biggest Puig fan and she has this message for you!

Vote now! Click here.


razzell2 said...

MLB putting Adrian Gonzalez on the ballot against a shame.

jonathan said...

I'm pretty sure Bruce Bochy makes that list

MarcoS. said...

Of course the reserve positions have a bunch of Giants players in them, two of which for sure don't deserve to be there (Bumgarner, and Scutaro).

Bochy is a homer idiot. I can't wait till Puig is the MVP of the game or the NL losses thanks to those Giants players. I would be saying that even if I weren't a Dodgers fan. How is it the first place team in the division has two players respresenting them, but the last place team (the last few days) has three players going to NY?