Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dodgers were suppose to give away these 'Dodgers blue' glasses, what happened?


Someone did call Fan Services. Message from Russell on my facebook fan page -

Called fan services..they are gonna send my 3 kids a consolation item for the mixup!..I suggest you ppl call em

You should call if you're not happy. Number is at the bottom -

* * * * * * * * *

I got exactly 14 emails (Yes, I counted them) complaining about these glasses the Dodgers gave away last Sunday to kids.

The glasses you see on top are the ones the Dodgers were suppose to give away. The glasses you see in the bottom are the ones they gave away.
What happened? The shipment didn't arrive on time so they went out to Santee Alley to get a few boxes of these glasses?

If the glasses didn't arrive on time, why not give out a ticket stating that they will get their 'Dodger' glasses when they arrive?

I can care less about this but just by reading the emails I got, many fans are upset.

Email from Vico -


You should mention this.. A LOT OF FANS COMPLAINING HERE ! I sent this to the Dodgers as well. Are you guys serious with these glasses? I'm very disappointed in your bait & switch technique. It totally sucks. My kids are disappointed. How can you guys offer throughout the year one designed glasses and give out a completely different pair! What a joke.! Really. And don't say you ordered them too late cuz you guys had been promoting them all season! My son looked forward to getting these & the look in his face when he got the others was so sad. Admittedly my face as well!

Email from Christopher -

These sunglasses are nothing like what was in commercial or on website. What a ripoff.

Email from Max -  

Hello Roberto, I know you don't work for the Dodgers but you have a popular blog and maybe you can get word out that the Dodgers did something awful. I brought my four kids to the game as they were looking forward in getting the blue Dodgers glasses. Instead, we get some cheap "Cholo" type blue glasses. What the hell happened? I feel offended. I told the ushers that these are not the glasses the Dodgers were promoting and all they can tell me was that they are not responsible to what it is given and that I should call the Dodgers front office. I feel cheated. I know it was a very exciting game and Yasiel Puig hit the walk-off homer but my kids were looking forward to the glasses more than the actual game. Thanks Dodgers.

I only posted 3 emails here but the rest are similar stories. I don't know what to tell you. I'm sure I would have felt the same way if I took my son.

I suggest to contact Fan Services at 323-224-1507. Let's see what they say.


Unknown said...

those glasses were ugly anyway, but that is messed up on the dodgers part especially without giving any official word as to what happened

dodgerdanny21 said...

I called that number and I was told those original ones were never produced, and that they were given these "other popular style" instead. So they are not gonna be getting them, and they will not send you the ones you thought you were gonna get by mail. The agent was very apologetic and kind, but pretty much, it is what it is.

Unknown said...

umm.. they didnt HAVE to give anything away. Appreciate what you got.

cknerr said...

Only reason I went to the game was because they WERE giving the glasses away, Kim. And the fact that they falsely advertised what they were giving away was a real disappointment.

cknerr said...

I found similar glasses on google for $24 and will purchase them for my son, he was really upset they gave him clown glasses instead of the cool kind.

Ernie said...

Seriously? You're all crying about a Dodgers giveaway?!? If thats reason you go to Dodgers games, for the free stuff and not for the actual team, maybe you should stay home. It's so-called "Dodgers fans" like you that the real ones like me a bad name. Complaining about free stuff...freakin' selfish.

cknerr said...

I watch every single ballgame. I probably know more about each roster player and every minor league prospect in the organization than 98% of the fans in the stadium. So to say I'm not a fan, I am greatly offended by such a closed minded remark. As for the giveaway game, I did go for the giveaway. My son wanted those sunglasses because he thought they were cool. If you have not noticed, giveaway days are not "free". Fans are charged premium ticket prices on giveaway days. So I was in fact paying for the "free stuff" and I do not like it when I am given something different than what I paid for.

Ch1charo said...

Max YOU feel offended??? Offended about getting a wrong pair of give away sun glasses. I'm offended that you were allowed to post such an ignorant remark. Cholo glasses?? Really?? No need to get racial. And yes it is racial because we know damn well what race of people you are referring to. That's what sucks about these blogs, ignorant people can make stupid comments and hide behind their keyboard like a clans man hiding behind his bed sheets. Stay classy Max.

Unknown said...

Its funny, this was one of the best games of the year, and this is the stuff people talk about.

Unknown said...

I agree with the people that were affected by the bait and switch. Especially since this year they started doing tiered pricing on tickets, and all giveaways games are almost double the price of regular tix price. So basically they are paying for the glasses that were advertised. The announcers on TV and radio were building up the glasses and quality of them up until the day of game. Hanley was featured in a commercial almost every inning with the glasses they advertised. So yeah they promoted it that way, so it is a big deal especially if you had disappointed kids.

MarcoS. said...

I kind of agree with Ernie more than the complainers. Reason being I saw a bunch of people throw up those sunglasses on eBay before the item was even given out, and I have written here before how it has become a pet peeve of mine when people drag their kids to Dodgers stadium just so they can get more giveaway items. While not everyone complaining maybe out to make a buck off their kids, I get a feeling a good chunk of them are. Honestly when I was a kid I would have not cared what type of sunglasses I got.

Also I was unaware PSY the Korean rapper was a cholo.

Daniel said...

Hahaha, "Cholo" glasses. They are knock-off Ray-ban Wayfarer sun glasses. As in, blue versions of the glasses Taylor Swift is rocking on her album cover. I find it unfortunate that OTHER people who wanted the other style were not able to get them, but this guy can go kick rocks.