Friday, July 12, 2013

Autographs: Paco Rodriguez

Paco Rodriguez signed autographs earlier today at Sports Authority in Torrance. I haven't been to a signing or to Dodger Stadium (been busy) for a while, so I decided to go and meet up with a buddy. I didn't take my son, he's grounded. But in all seriousness, I'm glad he didn't go. We were stuck outside in the heat. The sun was brutal and unfortunately, my son is a white boy. His skin is delicate and he gets all red.

I didn't need anything from Paco. He was extremely nice in Spring Training and he has signed the few times that I have gone to Dodger Stadium this year. I just went to have a little fun.

I know that Paco's parents are from Cuba so I told him that my dad is from Cuba and he tells me that his family is from Camaguey, Cuba. What a coincidence, my dad was born in Camaguey.

Paco told me a few words in Spanish and I noticed that his accent is way different than Yasiel Puig. The way Paco speaks is the way my dad's family talks. Puig's accent is totally different. I find this very interesting and I'm sorry that I'm sharing this with you.

The person behind me doesn't look too happy. I mean, look at him. Scary. I'm talking about the guy behind my hat. My goodness, what's going on?


Thanks Paco, Sports Authority, Dodgers and everyone else for this event.



gcrl said...

hey roberto - good to see that dodgers doing so many of these appearances. twins players have really reduced the number of signings over the last couple of years. and, speaking of paco, did you ever get a chance to send that auto'd card my way?

Karla said...

Ha! That picture is too funny.

chris b said...

I didn't get to make it to this event but am curious. How many people apex attended???

Unknown said...

Re. the annoyed man standing behind you, Roberto: He's just jealous because he didn't create a great blog such as VSIMH. Keep up the great work!