Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Videos: Yasiel Puig's Big Night

Vin Scully "Viva Cuba! Viva Puig". 

What a big night for Yasiel Puig. Amazing.


The 2 homers from Puig. Video by DodgerFilms -

Post-game interview with Puig. Answers are always lost in translation. It's not the same. Glad I understand Spanish.

And one more from


Ch1charo said...

I was there, it was an amazing night. I was able to record his second home run on my phone. Makes me want to go to every home game to see what Puig is going to do next. Hey Either and Kemp better keep up with the kid or adios.

MarcoS. said...

I was there as well. I was in the Stadium Club watching the Kings game and to be honest I had given up on the Dodgers game once Lilly gave up 5. I was getting ready to leave because the Kings had just won, and I decided to take a peek at where the Dodgers game was at. The very second I walked on to the balcony I heard the loud smack.

I have seen many special moments at Dodgers Stadium in my life time, but last night easily ranks up there as one of the greatest.