Thursday, June 20, 2013

UPDATE - Upcoming Appearance: Yasiel Puig @ Frank & Son Collectible Show

One of the representatives of Yasiel Puig has informed that tickets are selling fast and they don't want fans to show up and be upset when it sells out. It would be wise to get your tickets now if you are interested in attending this special event.

All the details in the flyer. Contact them with any questions.

Thank you.


jonathan said...

Translation.... please buy tickets we over priced and we are desperate to sell a few before we are forced to drop the price . If they are selling so fast they would just slap a sold out sign when they did sell out and head straight to the bank. I don't believe that many ppl are willing to cough up that much

MarcoS. said...


I know some of the people running this event, and no that isn't a lie about those tickets selling fast even at that price. I'm not sure if this will sell out before the event or not, but being that this is Yasiel's first public signing since Puigmania started I'm sure it will be crazy on that day. I'm certain there will be at least a hundered or more people trying to buy tickets for Puig that morning. That's not even including the bunch of goons who always show up to these high profile Frank and Son Dodgers signings and think they will get a freebie out of the athletes.

In anycase it will be nuts on that day so show up very early if you want parking without the danger of being towed.

hypnotic23 said...

I'm sure they won't have the rookie graph psa for his signing like I have thank god I got him when he was just 40dollars at his first public signing in lomita,ca.

Koufax Kid said...

Having sold many tickets for events in the past - the old "Tickets Are Going Fast" is utter B.S. If they were going fast you wouldnt need to market the event. Good luck - I'll get him in a year when he's 29 dollars.

Unknown said...

Bump Franks and OC Dugout, they over price everyone. I'd rather go to that shop in Whittier. The players are pretty decent and prices are great. They let you take pictures and actually talk to the players! The dude Harry seems pretty cool, too.