Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I picked up these Yasiel Puig's Bowman cards before it got hot

I'm still getting cards. Just haven't posted anything here. I will. I promise. I'm hoping I can post something relating to cards every morning. Or at least 3-4 times a week.

I got most of the 'Dodgers' base cards. Trying to complete a few sets of my favorite inserts. And always looking around to see which cards bring my attention.

Bowman selected their top 100 prospects and produced a 100 card set. You can find these cards in the 2013 Bowman packs.

#58 is Yasiel Puig.

I got this card last month. I was shocked that it was only running for a few bucks. Try to get this card now, it will cost you at least $45. I'm serious. Look for it.


It's a great card. Also in 20 years we might say "Bowman picked him as the 58th top prospect"?


The back


The second card here was obtained two weeks ago. I was very happy when I saw this 2013 Bowman mini card for about $7 bucks. Again, try to get this card now. It's going for around $40 to $90.


Side by side - The two cards.


I picked up Topps Archives, Bowman, Tribute and other cards. I'll be posting them in the coming days.


PJ said...

well done! your loyalty has paid off.u only got one of each? haha. I'm sure you have autographed balls and signed cards as well. I have been pricing them lately too and the price is skyrocketing. Bought a box to try and get lucky.

Roberto Baly said...

@ PJ I did get another top 100 card last week. It should arrive any day now. Would love to get another Bowman mini but prices are going crazy now.