Tuesday, June 25, 2013

16-year-old Dodgers prospect Julio Urias hires Scott Boras

Remember 16-year-old pitcher Julio Urias? If not, click here and then come back. The Dodgers signed him last year out of Mexico. Many have compared him to Fernando Valenzuela.

Last Sunday I read an ESPN Deportes article by Salvador Rodriguez on Urias. {linked here} I mentioned it to my followers on Twitter {@rbaly79} and most were surprised by the comments made by Dodgers scout Mike Brito.

Article is in Spanish. Here are some highlights -

Dodgers scout Mike Brito thinks 16-year-old Julio Urias will be pitching in the big leagues in 2 years.

Mike Brito "If by 2015, Julio Urias is in the big league camp, there will be no other choice but add him in the Opening Day roster".

Julio Urias "I've worked hard since I was a child, since I was 5 with my dad. I owe him everything. This is a dream".

Julio Urias says that during Spring Training, Luis Cruz invited all the Mexican players to his house. Big Carne Asada party and gave advice.

Julio Urias is not worried about his tumor in his left eye. Is being checked once a month.

Urias is currently pitching for the Great Lakes Loons (Class-A). He has started 6 games and is 1-0 with a 3.74 era. Has 23 K's in 22 innings.

Now comes word that Urias will be signing a contract with the Scott Boras company.

From Roberto Espinoza (Yahoo! Deportes) {linked here}

Julio Urías, joya mexicana de Dodgers, firmará próximamente contrato con el 'superagente' Scott Boras para que le represente su carrera

Julio Urias to sign a contract with super agent Scott Boras to represent him.

Good luck Julio!

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