Monday, May 20, 2013

So it's the end of Don Mattingly's managerial career?

I've been away the last few days. I didn't see one pitch in the Dodgers/Braves series. All is good, just busy. I hear we got swept. And fans are upset and want Don Mattingly out. Some in the media think Mattingly will be gone soon.

I'm not a big fan of some of his decisions but to fire Mattingly doesn't really make sense in my opinion. So a new manager will come and the Dodgers will start winning? Really?

You want someone to get fired? Fire Ned Colletti. I'm eating breakfast so I don't really want to post all of his moves (Plus I don't want to throw up) but it doesn't take long to see his track record. It's awful. Three year deals to Juan Uribe, Brandon League and Matt Guerrier to name a few.

Look, we've been hit with many injuries and we have no bench. And why is Luis Cruz and Ramon Hernandez still part of this organization?

And why did we take so long to make dl decisions? Who's running the team? The manager/general manager or the players? I will never understand how it took so long to put Mark Ellis on the disabled list. Playing with one man short for so many games is inexcusable.

One more thing, what's with all the anger towards Kenley Jansen? So he makes some bad pitches and was terrible against the Braves and now you want him gone? Jansen is not the problem folks. 

That's all for now.


Michelle said...

Yes, fire Ned and the trainers and everyone needs to realize its going to take 3 or more years of good player development to get this team where it needs to be.

Jill Davis said...

Really agree with that Uribe remark!

Unknown said...

In September of the 2012 season and like 6 games behind the Giants, the Dodgers lost to San Diego and reports surfaced that Colletti was screaming behind closed doors at the coaching staff. The following night the Dodgers won and on the postgame a happy AJ Ellis was telling the reporter how Mattingly called a meeting and this time actually singling out players and asking them for accountability. I was flabbergasted that the ship started sinking in July and it took Mattingly until we were out of contention in the month of September to finally deliver this "specific player accountability" speech to his players? His players all seem to love him. He is the cool dad who wants to be their friend it appears. Unfortunately these millionaires need a father and not a friend. Don Mattingly may not be the problem (that would be the all-star lineup who seems only capable of a sputtering run or two a game and a bullpen with League as the closer who should be in the Little Leagues), but I will tell you that Mattingly is definitely not part of the solution either.

MarcoS. said...

I both agree and disagree at the same time. Ned needs to go before anyone else does in this organization. Why the new owners kept him is beyond reason, as I believe he is the last real link to the McCourt era Dodgers. A GM more concerned with shmoozing and getting an invite to the Oscars than actually doing his job.

I do think someone on our coaching staff needs to get the axe though, and our bullpen this year is the pretty much the same bullpen we had last year which was one of the league's best. Honeycutt should be feeling the heat just as much as Mattingly is feeling it right now.

MarcoS. said...

@ Brandan Warden

Yes I couldn't agree with you more on these players need a father and not a freind. Especially with Kemp, someone needs to keep him in check at all times. Also agree Mattingly isn't the problem, but at the same time he's not helping the team either.

This is why many Dodgers fans are screaming for Mike Scioscia. By the way people should read the interview Fox Sports had with Angels owner Arte Moreno last week. They actually asked him if he's keeping Scioscia around just so he doesn't coach for the Dodgers.

Unknown said...

I definitely think that blaming the manager isn't the way to go. We tend to forget that Lasorda had his problems, too. There several behind his back meetings that players would call for. The following game they would win.

BTW, Angel fans want Scioscia out. Their record is nearly identical to ours. He isn't the answer either.

The problem is, not just injuries but, there isn't any passion. We need a team, not players. Cruz needs to go back to the minors. League needs to be middle relief.

Diana said...

Fire Mattingly, Colletti, the trainer, the pitching coach and the hitting coach.

Get a closer (Joaquin Benoit could be available), try and get a team leader (Adrian Gonzales? Matt Kemp?).

Ch1charo said...

We want Phil!!! We want Phil!!! We want Phil!!! Oops, sorry wrong blog. Go Lakers & Dodgers!!!