Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Loge Party Boxes @ Dodger Stadium

The Dodgers PR staff and ticketing department were nice enough to give me six tickets to check out the Dodgers/Angels game last night at the new Loge Party Box.

I haven't been to a game since last month. I think by this time last year I had already gone to more than fifteen games. It's a long story but all is good. Just have been busy.

I decided to take my wife, my parents, mother in law and brother in law. My dad wasn't feeling well so decided to not go at the last minute.

Off we went to Dodger Stadium. I was excited to check out these new seats. Plus it was in Loge Level, one of my favorite areas of Dodger Stadium.

Info on  Loge Party Boxes at Dodger Stadium

•  The Loge Party Boxes are the perfect unique experience for your group of friends, family or coworkers
•  Private seating area that includes televisions and drink rails
•  Features in-seat food and beverage service. Levy Restaurants staff comes by to take your order
•  Prices for these boxes range from $40 to $135 per ticket and hold from six (6) to ten (10) people or (323) DODGERS

Great view. Comfortable seats. I enjoyed it.


If only I knew I could have charged my phone...


The great True Blue L.A. blog were sitting close by...


I wonder why my brother shot this picture.


My son watching game with grandma.


Dodgers win! Complete game shutout by Hyun-Jin Ryu. Good times.


For more info on these seats, go to

Your friends/family will have a great time. We did!


Michael Miller said...

They seem awesome, but those stools look a bit uncomfortable.

ivansky said...

Yea I thought I saw u walk past me yesterday in the loge area by the loaded dodger dog stand.

opoohwan said...

The last picture is by far the best (o: