Sunday, May 5, 2013

Autographs: Pedro Guerrero

Baseball writer Bill James called Pedro Guerrero "the best hitter God has made in a long time."

I almost didn't make it to this signing. It's been a busy weekend. Luckily, I did make it. I arrived late but Pedro Guerrero was still signing autographs at Harry's Dugout in Whittier.

I needed two items to get signed. My Dodger Stadium seat and a '87 Topps card. I've met Guerrero before {linked here} but this was a long time ago and it was nice that he came back for a signing event.

Guerrero will be managing this year for an independent baseball team in Vallejo. Click here for more info.


Thanks to Pedro Guerrero, Edward, Harry's Dugout staff and all the fans that came.

Next event at Harry's Dugout is June 1st with Paul Lo Duca. Click here for more info.


Spiegel83 said...

I must have just missed you today. It was good seeing Guerrero looking healthy and getting a chance to coach some baseball.

Dodgerbobble said...

The stadium seat looks amazing!

It's good to know Pedro will be managing. Hopefully he'll be working in the majors soon.

X said...

Damn. This place is right down the street from me.

Next time.

Ch1charo said...

I remember June 85, Petey was tearing up the league. Good memories. Guerrero, Marshall, Sax, Valenzuela were my favorites. My love of baseball and Dodger baseball started with those guys. Go Blue!! Midgets still suck!!!

Roberto Baly said...

@ Spiegel83 - I did get there late though so maybe you were gone already when I arrived. Nice event.

@ Dodgerbobble - Thanks!

@ X - I posted this info. Sorry you missed it.

@ Ch1charo - Good times.