Saturday, April 6, 2013

Top Deck @ Dodger Stadium Looks Beautiful

I went to Dodger Stadium yesterday afternoon to get a few tickets and I was surprised by how beautiful Dodger Stadium looks. Specifically, Top Deck. I haven't had the opportunity to go to any games this season so this was the first time I see all the new stuff.

I like how the entrance to Top Deck looks. The retired numbers is a nice touch. The gift shop looks great. But you know what? The restrooms beats those things. Finally! Top Deck has nice restrooms.

A few observations -
  • There is still construction going on. Saw workers doing light work. Nothing big. But it's obvious this is not done yet. 
  • I've never seen security when there isn't a game going on until now. A few security guards were walking around Top Deck.
  • Again, the restrooms. Remember the gift shop? It's gone. That's where the restrooms are at now so you can imagine how big it is if you haven't been there yet. The gift shop is basically outside of the turnstiles. Wait, there isn't turnstiles anymore at Dodger Stadium, right?
I took many pictures. I won't post them all here. Click here if you're interested in seeing the set.

Pictures -


Click here for more pictures.

Looking forward in going to a game soon at check out all the levels. I need to see those big bobbleheads!

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