Monday, April 8, 2013

Pictures: USC vs Stanford - Plus Mark Appel's Autograph!



I've been following Mark Appel's Stanford career and I wanted to see him when they came to USC last weekend. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to visit Friday when Appel pitched. I went Saturday with my son since my wife was going to be busy grading papers.

For those that don't know, Appel was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates last year in the 1st round (8th pick) but didn't sign and returned to Stanford for his Senior year. He will most likely be the first pick (Astros) or second pick (Cubs) this year.

I've been to USC before but never for a baseball game. I took a bunch of pictures. Click here if you want to see them since I won't post them all here. 

The entrance to Rod Dedeaux Field is Mark McGwire Way. USC honors McGwire everywhere. You will see pictures below...


There's a bunch of banners of former USC players that made it to the big leagues.


Rod Dedeaux Field


I took a few baseball cards of certain players to see if I can get their autographs. To be honest, I really just wanted Mark Appel. I watched batting practice and noticed Appel in the outfield shagging fly balls. After almost an hour of BP, Stanford came back to the dugout.


My son waiting and waiting...


I thought I was the only one that wanted autographs since I didn't see many fans that early. I hear a man yell out for his son to come over by the third base side. I decided to go since I saw other kids running towards that side. I get there and I see about 10 kids getting Appel's autograph. I was pumped. I reach out for my baseball card and camera. Met a nice man that went to Stanford to take this picture. Thanks Ron!

I introduced myself and told Appel that I'm a big fan and have been following his career and wished him luck in the upcoming draft. He was very polite and thanked me for the well wishes.

Mark Appel

Appel signed my card and wrote bible inscription James 4:10.  

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.


Thanks Mark!

After getting the autograph, we went to the USC baseball Hall of Fame. Which is by the 1st base side. A lot of memorabilia and you notice Mark McGwire is everywhere.


Game was about to start. We only watched a few innings because my son was getting burned. I forgot the sunscreen and I have a white kid so he gets super red. Didn't come out brown like me or my wife. He got my dad's genes.

Right before the first pitch. You can sit anywhere. Tickets are cheap. We had a great time!

Click here for more pictures. 


I almost forgot. Who wants this shirt? They gave them away before the game. Size medium. I honestly don't see myself wearing it. So the first person that emails me wins the shirt!

Nothing against USC, I just think it's weird to wear a school shirt when you didn't even go there. Just my opinion.


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