Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dodgers Pride Night @ L.A. Kings

Next week...


Anonymous said...

have any idea if you have tickets already.. will the ball be available or is it ONLY tickets through this offer?


MarcoS. said...

@ J.D.M.

The ball will only be available to those who buy the ticket offer through the Kings website.

I along with many other Dodgers fans made the mistake a few seasons ago of going to one of these and assuming the item was a general giveaway. There were a lot of Dodgers fans who probably weren't Kings fans who left mad that night because they thought the Kings had duped them. That's why now it says on the flyer that you only get the ball by buying the ticket through the link.

I would keep my eyes open though because the Dodgers usually bring some alumni to sign autographs at these games. I'll be going anyways cause I love the Dodgers and Kings. Hopefully Jeff Carter gets another 1'st star of the game becuase when he did the other night they made everything in the Team LA store 77% off that night in his honor. :)

Go Kings Go