Saturday, April 27, 2013

Deuces are wild T-Shirt

Erin, who reads this blog, is selling these great t-shirts.

But of course you need this.
Deuces are wild: Two on, two out, with a 2-and-2 count on the batter...

Get it now! {linked here}


Madeleine Macy said...

It has that strong men polo tees weave which is far superior to the knock offs. The size runs too big, but it's no problem at all with the exchange.

Jmr503 said...

I would love this tshirt, just got back from LA today. I live in portland oregon and was at opening day 2 days ago. It was amazing to see vin come out of center field riding on the back of '66 mustang. I held back tears and was overcome by emotion at the chance to see vin again. If you ever want to meet up and catch a game let me know. Any dodger fan is a friend of mine. Thanks!