Monday, April 15, 2013

4/7/13 at Dodger Stadium

I'm a week late...

You might have noticed (or maybe not) that I haven't posted regularly here in the last week or two. All is good but sometimes other important things takes over. Plus my son keeps me busy.

I went to my first Dodger game on Sunday April 7. It was a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. We had tickets in the Reserve level.

I'm too embarrass to tell you what inning we left but it was very early in the game. For the first time, my son didn't want to be at the game. He was so good last year in attending games. He's too active now. And it was a day game. I think it would be better to take him to a night game when he's getting tired and goes to sleep around 8pm.


Click here for more pictures.

Dodger Stadium looked great. I enjoyed the 'new' park.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the photos! The stadium looks awesome!!!! They did a good job! :)

Roberto Baly said...

Thanks for reading! :)