Tuesday, April 9, 2013

'42' Movie Banners @ The Grove

Last week I was invited to a press conference to unveil a new park in the L.A. area. It was from Walmart and Warner Bros. Pictures “42”. Nomar Garciappara was going to be there. It was scheduled for last night. I agreed to go. I was excited to see the new park and see if there was any mention of Jackie Robinson in this park.

Then I forgot that I was going to be busy. One of my wife's favorite singer is Juanes. He was doing a book signing at The Grove in Barnes & Noble. So I couldn't see Garciappara and the new park.

It's alright though. My wife was happy that she got a book signed and met him. Plus it was worth it since Juanes was a very nice man that never sat down while signing. Was standing all the time and took pictures with fans. It was a crazy atmosphere.

Anyway, I know you don't care about this certain singer. I do wanted to share these pictures with you though. When we arrive at The Grove, I noticed all these banners for the upcoming movie '42.

They are everywhere! It looks great.




MarcoS. said...

I was a Petco Park today for their opener vs. the Dodgers, and someone told me there was a booth out in their block party area giving away promo 42 hats, shirts, and long sleeve shirts. I couldn't get one because the block party area was outside the park and I was already inside, but I expect to see that booth next Monday at Dodgers stadium.

MarcoS. said...

Also while I'm on the topic of Petco Park, a Padres opening day pin with the LA logo on it cost me $12! I only saw Dodgers fans buying it too, so we got screwed over twice today.

Ch1charo said...

My friend is a coach at Lennox Little League and he invited me to the ground breaking of the new baseball field. I was able to meet Nomar Garciaparra there. He signed autographs for everyone. Nomar is a great guy, good to see him giving back to the community. Thanks Nomar.