Thursday, April 11, 2013

42 The Jackie Robinson Story

In a few hours I will be at a theater in downtown Los Angeles and watch a screening of 42 thanks to a invite from Time Warner. I'm excited. It should be a fun night and can't wait to watch this movie.

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Harrison Ford talks with Time Warner Cable about '42'

Chadwick Boseman talks with Time Warner Cable about '42'

Join Movies for Grownups host Bill Newcott at the White House as Michelle Obama, Harrison Ford, Rachel Robinson, Chadwick Boseman, and writer/director Brian Helgeland talk about the new film, "42"—the story of Jackie Robinson.

Roxanne Wilder interviews both Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman about their roles as Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson in the film 42

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MarcoS. said...

Seen the movie twice already. Thought they did a okay job with the film. 42 took a more myth building approach to the Jackie Robinson story over telling a more realistic character study. I was fine with that for the most part. My only gripes with the film is moments where the film would get really Disney and the exposition dialogue would get painfully simple. Also thought there was too much emphasis on the Jackie's relationship with Rachel when we didn't really get to see their relationship develop that much on screen. Most of these problems are in the first half though, as the second half of this film is much stronger and the saving grace of the movie.

Once Jackie becomes a Dodgers the film gets away from making Robinson out like he's a super human, and you really begin to see the struggles Jackie had to go through just to make it past his first season. The performances and sequences in the second half are very well done and very compelling. The whole Dodgers vs. Phillies game is a highlight in the film. By the end you're rooting hard to see Robinson and Dodgers overcome adversary.

At the end of the day I enjoyed the experience, but I hope a film maker can come along some day and make a Jackie Robinson story that stands out there as one of the greatest sports films ever made. One film that is closer to Raging Bull, than it is to We Are Titans.