Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dodgers Travel Roster @ Rancho Cucamonga & Anaheim

The Dodgers are playing a split-squad tomorrow. There is a 6pm game in Rancho Cucamonga against the Quakes and a 7pm game in Anaheim against the Angels.

Who's going where?

Thanks to the Dodgers PR for the following info.

Rancho Cucamonga travel roster -

Anaheim travel roster -


hypnotic23 said...

I'll be at bout u roberto?

Nacho said...

Where's A-Gon?

Roberto Baly said...

@ hypnotic23 - I don't think I can make it to either game. Have fun!

@ Nacho - Weird, huh? I noticed last night.

hypnotic23 said...

This event was a success got seven autos including ned colletti yasiel puig, adrian gonzalez and luis cruz..thanks as all ways for all the info roberto..

Roberto Baly said...

@ hypnotic23 - Awesome! :)

Hussam said...

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