Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cienfuegos Elefantes Kids Shirt (Yasiel Puig's Old Team)

I was at the mall the other day with my wife and son and we ended up in the kids section in Nordstrom.

I saw this shirt and couldn't believe it. (I couldn't believe the price either)


It's a Club Cienfuegos shirt. The Elefantes de Cienfuegos is a team in the Cuban baseball league.Why is Nordstrom selling Cienfuegos shirts? How weird is this? Just random.

Of course I had to buy it. Plus Yasiel Puig played with Cienfuegos. And if you watched the World Baseball Classic, you might of seen Jose Abreu? He also plays for Cienfuegos.

Here's 2 videos of Puig playing for Cienfuegos. As you can tell, those jerseys are different. This one is a throwback shirt from the 50's and 60's. Puig is #14.

I showed the shirt to my Cuban dad last night and he couldn't believe it. He says he was more of a Almendares fan than a Elefantes fan. My dad also wants to know if Nordstrom is paying Cienfuegos for this shirt. Yeah right.

My son wore the shirt today. I'll make sure he wears it again when meeting a Cuban player. 



Aus said...

Very cool. Now I'm gonna try to hit up my local Nordstroms to see if I can get one for my lil boy. But man, it sure does resemble an Oakland A's shirt, right down to the colors and elephant!

Roberto Baly said...


You're right. If you look for older stuff, reminds of the Philadelphia A's.

PJ said...

great shirt! what a find!

Roberto Baly said...


Thanks! :)

Unknown said...

check out this awesome Cienfuegos jersey. Stall and Dean used to produce this with a matching hat but I was too poor back then (10 years ago) to buy them. now I am just too cheap :)