Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blaster Box - 2013 Topps Heritage - I got an autograph card of...

2013 Topps Heritage went on sale today. There are reports that a bunch of Target's and Wal-Mart's have been selling them since the weekend. I didn't have a chance to check until this morning.

I already bought a Dodgers team set online but I always like getting one blaster box to see if I get any inserts. When I get the Dodgers set, I'll post pictures.

I got my coupon from the Topps Series 1 blaster box that I bought last month (linked here) and took my son with me to Target.

Nothing in Target. I was disappointed. I go to Target because it's close to my house than to go to my local card shop or Frank & Son Collectible show.

What got me upset was that there was dozens of unopened boxes near the card racks. Dozens of big boxes. I'm sure one of those boxes had Topps Heritage cards. There was a small knife on top of the boxes. That's a clue that a employee is already opening the boxes. I asked a employee if she could check and she says "That's not my job".

Not your job? What's your job, then? Just hang around and kill time? I tell her to get me someone to check and she says there aren't that many employees working in the morning. I understand it was slow and not many customers were around but how can no one check for me?

I don't get it. I left. I was mad. I understand if this happened at Wal-Mart, but Target? I've never had problems there before.

I didn't even want to drive to Wal-Mart because it's a few miles away. But I did go and hoping that Wal-Mart had Topps Heritage blaster boxes.

And they did! I tell my son to get a box and he grabs the one all the way in the back. He's my good luck charm. I go to the cashier and give them my coupon ($2 off!) and she tells me "This is not Target, you're at Wal-Mart!".

What? I'm confused, what's going on?!?!?

Oh, the coupon only works at Target. And I bought my Topps Series 1 blaster box last month at Target.

I'm a idiot.


I still bought the box. Target gets me mad. Wal-Mart gets me mad. I just want to see Heritage cards!

Blaster box contains 8 packs. Felix Hernandez is the cover boy.


Each pack contains 9 cards. This year has the 1964 design.

Not sure how much they go for if you just buy 1 pack. Forgot to check.


I believe I got 64 base cards. This is a 425 card set. Then you have cards #426 through #500. Those 75 cards are short prints. More difficult to obtain. I'll be saving these cards to complete the set. I really do like this set.


The only Dodgers that I got was Chad Billingsley and Ted Lilly. Click here to see the Dodgers checklist.


From the base cards, these were my favorites. Really like the '64 design.


I did get 3 short print cards.

# 447 Felix Hernandez
#463 Giancarlo Stanton
#470 Albert Pujols


I got these 3 inserts and one blue variation card.

Mike Trout - Memorable Moments 2012
Frank Robinson - Baseball Flashback
Manny Machado - New Age Performers
Cole Hamels - Full-Color Blue Border Variations - Wal-Mart Retail Exclusive

If I would have bought the box in Target, I would get a Red card.


I saved the best card for last. I didn't expect this.

I went crazy when I saw it. I jumped up and down and gave my son a big hug.

I got a Topps Certified Autograph Issue of Hall of Famer Ernie Banks!

So awesome.

The cool thing is that I have a great image of Mr. Banks because I have met him twice and he's always been a really nice guy.

Let's play two! 


I guess I shouldn't be upset at Target. I got this in Wal-Mart!

And I might still use the coupon to get me another box. That wasn't my plan since I was thinking about buying a hobby box at Frank & Son.

That's all.


ml2355 said...

ernie banks . what a great auto. congrats

Roberto Baly said...


Greg Zakwin said...

what a pull, congrats!

Stealing Home said...

Dang dude - THAT is a super awesome pull. You aint kiddin' - that boy is a serious good luck charm!

Please take him to Opening Day so the boys can win Game One. LOL

Roberto Baly said...

@ Greg - Thanks!

@ Stealing Home - Ha! I will try. Thanks. :)

Ch1charo said...

Man you came up on the Ernie Banks card. I had to get a box. No autographs, but I was happy to get a mini Either card, a regular Kershaw and Luis Cochito Cruz card. Love the '64 look. Thanks Roberto.

Roberto Baly said...

@Ch1charo - It's hard to get autographs. I think this is only my third auto from opening a packs.

Nice pull on the mini Ethier card. I might get another blaster next week.

Michael said...

Aaahhhhhhh that's just great. Congrats Roberto!