Thursday, March 7, 2013

Big day for the World Baseball Classic

Jose Abreu

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It's a big day for the WBC. Well it's a big day outside the United States since it seems like no one really cares about it here. I enjoy it and think it's great exposure and a great way to grow the game.

I like rooting for Cuba and Mexico since that's where my parents are from. Cuba has a great team but I don't know if they can take it all. They swept the first round and are looking really good right now. If you watch any of their games, pay attention to Jose Abreu and Alfredo Despaigne. Power hitters.

Mexico starts the first round today. I was reading a few Mexican baseball sites and it gets me the impression that Adrian Gonzalez is running this team. As in he's the general manager and picked the players. He really wants to win. Gonzalez already participated the last two WBC's. He's got nothing to prove. But he wants to win it for Mexico.

There will be three games today. All of them will be televised by the MLB Network and ESPN Deportes.

All times pacific -

12pm  Mexico vs Italy
3:30pm Venezuela vs Dominican Republic
7pm Cuba vs Netherlands

Visit for the full schedule and read all the latest news.

It's going to be a great day.

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