Thursday, February 7, 2013

Steve Garvey is selling everything! You want his MVP trophy?

Maybe I'm a sentimental person but I get sad every time I hear an ex player is selling all of their career achievements. Why are they doing this? Is it money problems? They just don't care about their MVP trophy? I know that I have a lot of crap but I just don't see myself selling anything in the future. I'll just pass it on to my son. If he sells it later on then that's his problem. Of course, I can't compare my stuff to something like a World Series trophy and Gold Gloves.

Remember when Kirk Gibson sold all his 1988 World Series items a few years ago? Why, why, why? I was at the press conference of that announcement. {linked here}

I say all this because another former Dodger is selling their big awards. The Steve Garvey Collection will be among the highlights in SCP Auctions' April catalog event.

Nine of his ten National League All-Star rings
1981 World Series ring
1974 NL MVP trophy
1977 Los Angeles Dodgers National League Championship Ring
1978 Los Angeles Dodgers National League Championship Ring
1981 World Series player trophy
1974 National League Gold Glove Award
Historic 1984 NLCS Game 4 Walk Off Home Run Bat Inscribed By Garvey (Voted Greatest Moment In San Diego Sports History)
1974 Major League Baseball All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Trophy
1982 Signed Last Los Angeles Dodgers Game Worn Warm-Up Jacket

I'm sure when it gets closer to the auction, I'll get more pictures. 


Romy S said...

This makes me sad too Roberto.

Jill Davis said...

It's like he wants to cut all ties with the Dodgers - and the Padres too. I never much liked Steve Garvey and his superior attitude so I say "fine..we don't want you either."

Michelle said...

I always wonder this too........

Dodger18 said...

He's been at Dodger Stadium the last few years (Bark in The Park), and other events, so I believe he is still on good terms with the Dodgers. Maybe he needs the money or is not too sentimental. In any case, I support his decision. Now a collector or fan can enjoy the memories as well!!

Hideo Nomo said...

I wish he'd pass this stuff on to his Sons.

jonathan said...

i heard he had cash problems wich is sad. im pretty sure he's doing it for the money he does alot of signings he made bad investments in the past and he got fired from the dodgers organization