Monday, February 18, 2013

Recap: Camelback Ranch Trip (February 17)

Sunday was my last day at Camelback Ranch. There was less fans than Saturday.

My son meeting new friends.


Clayton Kershaw.


Hyun-jin Ryu.


Yasiel Puig and Alex Castellanos.


Mark McGwire.


Hanley Ramirez.

Hanley Ramirez

Tommy Lasorda signed autographs again.




Camelback Ranch.


Dodgers going through running drills. Here's Yasiel Puig. He runs fast!


Video - Yasiel Puig hitting.

Yasiel Puig hitting at Camelback Ranch from Roberto Baly on Vimeo.

Tommy Lasorda checking out this little kid.


Yasiel Puig and Andre Ethier.


Rick Honeycutt observing Chad Billingsley.


Bill Plaschke of the L.A. Times.


Sandy Koufax came to camp! Talking to Rick Honeycutt.


The starters learning from the best.


Stephen Fife on the mound. Must be nervous.


Video: Sandy Koufax

Sandy Koufax @ Camelback Ranch from Roberto Baly on Vimeo.

Sandy Koufax signing autographs. It was a riot. I'm surprised security didn't tell Koufax to stop signing. Fans were pushing and hitting other fans. I got hit hard in my back and ribs. I've had several surgeries there and it was painful. I shouldn't have been there. The scary part was when a teenager close to me was hitting other fans and security caught him and told him to back off. He didn't back off and stood there. The security guard got mad and told him to leave the stadium. He got kicked out. It was hectic.


My brother in law and mother in law were there too trying to help me and get a picture and a card signed and they were shut down. I got lucky. Koufax signed this for me.


Moises Alou was there.

Moises Alou
This makes me happy. My son had fun this weekend at the park running around and playing.


I was only able to get 1 autograph for my son's helmet. Bench coach Trey Hillman. There is 13 autographs in that helmet. I think I can finish it before the year is over.


Tony Gwynn Jr.

Tony Gwynn Jr

Don Mattingly always signs. Awesome.


Remember this card that I got in Koreatown last December? {linked here} Hyun-jin Ryu signed it.


My brother in law and son meeting Dee Gordon.


Good times in Camelback Ranch. Afterwards we ate at 5 and Dinner. Great hamburgers. Then we went home!

Click here if you want to see more pictures! Including a few autographs.

One last thing... I've been getting a lot of emails since I've been posting these recaps asking me about trades, buying, selling, etc. I don't really trade anything and I don't sell anything. I'm sorry. It's just a hobby for me that I enjoy. I'm not interested in buying items off you or selling you something. I hope you all understand. Thanks for reading.

Andrew @ 5 and Dinner


CreditWise said...

Just wanna say thanks for your posts. Love em. Feels like I'm right there with you. Great stuff.

jonathan said...

great post im gna be there i. a few weeks do u have any promo codes for tickets?

Ernie said...

Me too, I'm gonna be there on 5-7. My goal is to get Big Mac's signature...any suggestions?

Roberto Baly said...

@ - Thanks for reading!

@ Orlando - Haven't seen any promo codes.

@ Ernie - Just pay attention and be patient.

Unknown said...


do you know who moises alou works for? I couldn't find anything on him . im heading to camelback on Thursday and im bringin cards. . his chain said staff as far as I can tell ..but staff for who? mlb? thanks robert

Roberto Baly said...

Alou is not working for any MLB team. He's currently GM for Tigres de Licey. That's a winter league team in the Dominican Republic.

I think he was just visiting a few friends that are in the Dodgers organization.

Kyle said...

Someone got 7 of Koufax...crazy. Cool you got one. Wish i would be able to get him

Unknown said...

Great series of posts Roberto! Thanks for sharing this with us. Definitely makes me want to schedule a trip out to Spring Training one of these days. Until then, at least we can enjoy it through your eyes with all the great images and stories. Love the fact that you keep all the autographs too and don't trade/sell 'em. They'll definitely be great mementos.

Roberto Baly said...

@ Kyle - Crazy indeed. I'm happy with one.

@ Wil Hud - Thanks for your kind comments! :)

PleasantSurprise said...

Great post. I will be at the ranch next week, and can't wait.

@Orlando- There is a killer Groupon for most games. Try Promo "Group". Depending on the game, it has good options. Check out details here: