Friday, February 15, 2013

Recap: Camelback Ranch Trip (February 15)

I woke up early this morning to make the drive to Camelback Ranch. Took me five hours to get here. I'm staying all weekend. I brought my wife, son, mother in law and brother in law. I arrived at the Ranch at 8:40am. Gates opened at 9am. There are no games but who cares?

I'm not posting all the pictures here. Check the link below. 

Fans waiting for the gates to open.


Walking in.


Fans line up to see if they can get autographs.


A.J. Ellis, Clayton Kershaw and Josh Beckett.


Coach Rafael Chaves stopped and noticed what my son is doing. Most likely he said "Bye, bye". It was great seeing this. I would like to know what caught Chavez his attention. This lasted about two minutes. They would stare at each other and my son doing his baby talk.


In the last few days I noticed online that there was a lot of Korean media following Hyun-jin Ryu. I didn't see that today.


Bill DeLury and Maury Wills.


Don Mattingly


Nobody knows who Chuck Crim is? Respect Charles Robert Crim.

Chuck Crim

Andre Ethier.


I know you won't be happy to see Hanley Ramirez hanging around with Juan Uribe. That's why I shot these pictures to play around with you. It was mostly 'Pica pollo' discussions.


Justin Sellers didn't like my bike jokes.


Mark 'Big Mac' McGwire!


Of course you have to shoot this. Manny Mota in a bike.


Ned Colletti.


Shawn Tolleson

Shawn Tolleson

Clayton Kershaw.


Don Mattingly signed my '87 Topps card. I love this set.


Paco! I told him my dad is Cuban and he gave me the approval look and signed all three rookie cards. Coño!


I got a mini helmet for my son. Just something so he can remember about 2013. He already got 8 signatures on it. Chad Billingsley, Aaron Harang, Ronald Belisario, Jerry Hairston Jr, Paco Rodriguez, Kenley Jansen, Ken Howell and Don Mattingly.


My son didn't want to leave. But they kicked us out when practice was over.


There is a swimming pool at the hotel that we're staying. I forgot to bring shorts. So we stopped at a Target to look for shorts. My wife was looking at sun screen products. Guess who walks towards me? Hall of Famer George Brett. I knew it was him right away. I told him "Hello" as he walked past me. He didn't acknowledge me.

I told my wife what just happened. I purchased our items and I told her to wait for a little bit until Brett comes out. She didn't want to do it because she thought Brett would just ignore me again. I asked my brother in law to wait with me. He comes out of the store and I said "Mr. Brett, do you mind a picture with my son". He says nothing. I turn towards the camera and I accidentally bumped into him.  My brother in law shoots it. This is the result.....

George Brett

I look like a dork since I was scared that I bumped into him. My son shuts his eyes because of the sun and Brett says nothing. It was a very strange experience. He says nothing. He must have known I was a baseball fan since I was wearing a Dodger hat and a Andre Ethier shirt. It was just very weird.

Oh! And guess what Brett bought?

Nothing! He came out of the Target store with nothing in his hands.

Good times here in Arizona. Let's see what goes on tomorrow and Sunday!

Click here if you want to see more pictures! Including a few autographs.


Linkmeister said...

Chuck Crim was a very good pitcher for the U of Hawai'i in his day.

Mario said...

maybe target was out of stock of preperation h.

Dodgerbobble said...

Bumping into HOFers at Target. So cool! I gotta get to AZ one of these days.

Great pics and recap!

cknerr said...

Maybe it was a Brett lookalike and he has no clue what you were asking him. Did he have George's baby blues?

cknerr said...

Please tell me you were kidding and that you didnt mention anything about motorbiking to Sellers.

Spiegel83 said...

Brett probably stole some goods from Target and was in a hurry to get home and not get recognized.

Roberto Baly said...

@ Linkmeister - Nice. Solid career in the big leagues too. New bullpen coach for the Dodgers now.

@ Mario - LOL Funny!

@ Dodgerbobble - Thanks!

@ cknerr - That was George Brett dude. And I wasn't kidding, I did mention about the bikes to Sellers.

@ Spiegel83 - Maybe! :)

Unknown said...

how many graphers would you say were out there? I get into town Friday morning . .cant wait!

Roberto Baly said...

Hundreds. It's hectic.

Unknown said...

good job on the autos! do you sell youre autod or do you keep them?

Roberto Baly said...

It's just a hobby. I don't sell anything.

Unknown said...

Oh ok thanks, to me the people who sell there autos are dumb.

Koufax Kid said...

One reason why it was so crazy is that on sites like they are selling the autographs in advance. People were paying up to 250 bucks for Koufax. It totally ruins the hobby.