Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Keith Law on Yasiel Puig "He may be very good, but I don't think he's a star"

Yasiel Puig

I enjoy following the prospects and seeing all the top 10, top 50, top 100 prospects list.

Keith Law of ESPN did a top 100 prospects list. {linked here} ESPN Insider subscription required.

Only two Dodgers made his list. Corey Seager (#46) and Zach Lee (#67). Yasiel Puig didn't make it.

Here's video of Law talking about his list. In a ESPN chat, Law answered questions {linked here}

Someone asked him about Puig.

Ben (Leland Grove)

Can you tell us why Yasiel Puig missed out?

Klaw (3:04 PM)

A better question would be why he'd belong. He barely played, and his season ended with surgery to address a staph infection, so we don't have performance data to support his case. He is strong, and I think there's plus power there, but I don't think he's a great pure hitter, and while he runs well for his size he's clearly a corner outfielder. I've also said before that, having shaken the man's hand, he's one of the oldest-looking 21-year-olds I've ever met. He may be very good, but I don't think he's a star, and I don't think I could justify a high ranking given what I saw when he played.


Puig's stats in Arizona rookie ball and in Rancho Cucamonga.

Law is not impressed by that? Maybe not enough games for him.

Puig missed the Arizona Fall League due to a staph infection. After being cleared to play, he went to Puerto Rico to play for the Indios de Mayaguez.

Not a good winter. {linked here}

In 20 games he batted .232 with 1 homer and 9 rbi's. He was striking out too much. 19 k's in 69 at-bats.

Puig is in the 40-man roster so he will be with the Dodgers when they open camp in Camelback Ranch.


Unknown said...

He would have a huge Chubby for the guy if he played for the Red Sox or the Yankees. Keith Law once told me on ESPN Insider that he thought Lester and Hughes would be better than Kershaw. Shows what that moron knows.

Roberto Baly said...

I just want to see him play a full season with no problems. I hope he can make it. The Dodgers gave him a lot of money and would be a shame if he doesn't produce.

Leonard Stephens said...

I think calling someone a moron because he was wrong about a players projection is pretty harsh. If it was easy to project, then there wouldn't be so many 1st round bust.I've also heard Keith Law say that Corey Seager could be all star caliber 3rd baseman. Is he a moron for saying that as well?

MarcoS. said...

I have seen Puig play at Rancho, and I have seen Mike Trout play for Rancho. I'm by far more impressed by Yasiel. I'm no pro scout, and I'm by no means saying Puig will be better than Trout, but I'm not seeing what the extreme dislike is for this guy by the so called experts.

A few years ago I saw a guy named Kenley Jansen pitch for the 66ers during one of Manny's rehab games. At the time it didn't seem like he was on anyone's radar, and me and my friends all agreed this guy is better than Broxton right now. Well it's a few years later and look where Jansen is now.

Roberto Baly said...

It's a difficult think to know who will be a star and who is going to be a bust. Look at old issues of Baseball America. You will see many articles on future stars that didn't even reach the big leagues. I remember when people thought Billy Ashley was going to be the next Duke Snider.

Mark said...

Still, why shell out $42 mil for unproven talent?

Why shell out the big bucks for League when we could've gotten better deals elsewhere?

Memo to the GM: just because we have the money doesn't mean we should overspend. Try some negotiating damn't. From Darren Driefort to Puig, the litany of bonehead GM moves haunts the dodgers.

Fritz said...

Keith Law is a retard.