Monday, February 11, 2013

Dodgers Home and Road Spring Training Hats

I'm sure I posted this last December but I couldn't find the post.  Plus I don't think I had a picture of the road hat. Just got this from New Era.

Like or dislike?

Presenting the Diamond Era 59FIFTY®, the brand-new Authentic Collection cap that will be worn by all MLB clubs starting with the 2013 Spring Training season. The collection will be available on and at Spring Training sites on February 22 and at nationwide retailers, New Era Flagship stores and on March 1.

Home - 
 Road - 


Unknown said...

Don't like the white bill on the top one, should either be grey if they don't want it to be blue. Bottom hat is dope!

Question, do you find the standard fit new era hats WAY too big on the front?? Maybe i'm not a huge guy, i wear a 7 1/8 hat, but the front of my head isn't that big to fill it in! it always looks ridiculous. so what i had to do was wear it in the shower with hot water, and fit it to my head. It works but it doesn't leave the hat in brand new condition anymore. I like the low crown better, but they are always hard to find! new era, and other websites do not have my size in stock right now....

Ch1charo said...

Do what Barry Bonds "allegedly" did. Take steroids. Not only will your head get bigger but your ego will grow as well. Kidding Omar, you might want to check out They have more sizes there.

o's fan said...

Go to, best selection of 5950 mlb caps I've seen.