Friday, February 1, 2013

Blaster Box - 2013 Topps Series 1

The 2013 Topps series 1 is out. I bought a blaster box in Target yesterday. I had to get a box just to see what Topps is bringing to the table this year.

A blaster contains 10 packs. It's $19.99


Prince Fielder is the cover boy for series 1.


There is a $10 coupon book inside the box. Only available at Target. There's coupons for future releases like Topps Heritage and Gypsy Queen. Really cool.


Again, only available at retail blasters only. One exclusive patch card inside. There are two types of patches. The Commemorative Patch and the Rookie Patch Reprint Manufactured Relics. 25 patches in each series.


I got Willie McCovey. Just awesome. Now I want to complete this set. Will have to see online and hope the prices are reasonable.


The inserts...

Another series that I will want to complete. I didn't know this series was going to be so cool. 'Cut to the Chase' is a 25 card set. Just beautiful. I got Babe Ruth. I will try my best to finish this series.


The minis! This year it's honoring the 1972 series. It's 50 cards. Just like in 2012, I want to complete this series. I got two minis from this box.

Carlos Gonzalez and Matt Kemp -


The commons. I'll just show you the Dodgers that I got. Dee Gordon, Paco Rodriguez and Jerry Hairston.


I should be getting my order any day now of my Dodgers team set. I'll show you those when it arrives.


Dodgerbobble said...

Thanks for sharing that Roberto. I've been sick all week and haven't had a chance to pick any up. Its very nice product.

Roberto Baly said...

Get better Josh!

It's a nice product. :)

jonathan said...

i like these cards they look like theyre in hi-def . i picked up a box of 36 pks, i got almost the whole dodger set except Adrian Gonzalez. and i got a Hanley Ramirez chasing history card wich is really nice. the cut to the chase collection i got willie mays, ryan braun and adam jones

Roberto Baly said...

@ Orlando - Nice! :)