Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Autographs: Mike Piazza Book Signing at Vroman's Bookstore Pasadena

Before I tell my little story...

I collect autographs. I enjoy autograph books. I have a nice book collection. Of course I would be at Mike Piazza's book signing. I'm saying this right now because I know I'm going to get negative emails/comments. Don't bother. I just ignore it.

I mentioned earlier this month that Piazza was scheduled to sign his book titled 'Long Shot' at Vroman's bookstore in Pasadena. {linked here}

Piazza was scheduled to sign at 6pm. I arrived at 4:45pm. I got there too early since there was no traffic. I left and ate at King Taco that's down the street.

When I arrived at Vroman's, there was hundreds of fans in line already. I had already bought the books earlier this month and received a ticket with the letter 'D'. I guess it's 50 fans per letter. So around 200 fans were in front of me. 


We were stuck outside in the cold.


The rules....


Piazza was not personalizing so the line was moving fast. I was inside the store at 6:30. How is that possible? It's because Piazza signs quick and the Vroman's staff made sure your books were ready to get signed.

I'm telling Piazza that I cried when he was traded. He told me "Me too". The nice lady to my right didn't want to hear it. Piazza is looking at me and most likely thinking "What the hell is he going to say? God, hopefully it's not about Vin Scully". Ha!

Mike Piazza

The big dude behind me looks scary. I wonder if I can make him go away via Photoshop?

By 6:40, Piazza was done and left.

Big thanks to Vroman's, Piazza, Big Ron, Viv for taking the picture, my wife and son for going with me and thank god my son took a nap or else he would have thrown a fit.

And thanks to all those that said hello. 

Good night.



MarcoS. said...

I went as well eventhough I said I wouldn't it, and I'm going to keep the book too. As much as I am upset over what Mike said and how he feels about the Dodgers, I'm also a big baseball and autographs fan.

That picture doesn't do that security gaurd justice. Even Piazza was intimidated by that guy. I saw one person ask Mike if he could sign a ball, and I wanted to pee my pants for that guy asking, that's how intimidating that gaurd was.

Where were you hiding? I'm in one of your pics but I didn't see you Roberto or else I would have said hi.

Arno said...

People thought those guards were intimidating? Haha.

Nice post. Mmm, King Taco.

M.Brown said...

I can remove him if you'd like

Roberto Baly said...

@ MarcoS. - I was in 'D' line. Glad you went. I was surprised how fast the line moved. Thought I was going to be there till 8.

@ Arno - Thanks!

@ M.Brown - I know you can! :)